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Denied for sapphire due to 2 new accounts

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Re: Denied for sapphire due to 2 new accounts

@Jatyro91 wrote:
If you hit 5/24 (5 new credit cards in the past 24 months) chase won’t approve you for anything, including business cards. The only way around this is in branch offers or green check marks. Sorry man. Just wait for those 3 from last year to age pst 24 months and don’t open any more in the mean time

Sorry for not catching that the first time around.

How do they know about the business cards? They don't show on reports. Or are you saying their business cards?

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Re: Denied for sapphire due to 2 new accounts

The 2/30 rule only affect Chase cards, not other Banks. So I 'm not sure why having 2 new accounts within 90 days means anything. I assume that 5/24 is just a blanket figure, and that it's not micromanaged to the level of recent activity versus older. Though I guess it could look like credit seeking behavior.  I have heard statements to wait 6 months from the newest open account before apping with Chase though.


Fortunately my 2 Amex accounts took 2 months to post, because I apped the CSP 8 days after those two and was approved. 

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