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Disco CLI Denied

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Re: Disco CLI Denied

@Masterlink wrote:

They listed my TU FICO as 747 and MOAR REASONS


"Length of time accounts have been established"

"Lack of recent installment loan information"

"Too many inquiries last 12 months"


The list of statements above are the reason statements to go along with our FICO score and have nothing to do with our denial reasons.  Discover always provides negative reason statements with their provided FICO scores, so long as you don't possess an 850 score.  All a reason code means is that it's adversely impacting your FICO score by at least 1 point.  Just because they're there doesn't always mean that they're significant. 

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Re: Disco CLI Denied

That's what I figured, it's the same list of "bads" listed by Experian. I just wanted that dramatic flair. Smiley Tongue
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