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Discover Not Bk Friendly To Me...

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Re: Discover Not Bk Friendly To Me...

My bk7 comes off my reports by April 2017, Discover doesnt want my business either! Never had them nor IIB but after 3 attempts gonna nuture my relationship with Citi and such. 1st two attempts they use Bankruptcy as excuse, at least this last time they used different reasons i.e no savings account too many recent inquiries and another one cant recall off the top of my head. Ive just decided to make the Citi dc my everyday and just move on from that dream of having a Discover. Recieving like 5 mailers within 2 months you would think thet would want your business or at least give you a try but alas no. If i ever get another mailer this time no opening no tempting myself for another HP, just straight to the shredderSmiley Happy but congrats to those who enjoy their Discovers.
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