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Discover blacklist for satisfactory account on which they took adverse action

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Discover blacklist for satisfactory account on which they took adverse action

I have a fairly strange situation with Discover.


I had a Discover IT card from approximately 2015 - 2017. I hadn't used it for many purchases but I did take advantage of a promo BT. I always paid on time, generally about 2x the minimum if I recall correctly. Never an issue with them at all; the account was always handled perfectly. I believe the CL was about $8,000.


About two years ago, I had a couple of late installment payments. One of my revolvers was at a high utilization at the same time, so the lates had a huge impact on my FICO, especially when they were fresh. I believe my score went from ~750 to ~620. Within a few weeks of the score drop, I received a letter that they were immediately reducing my credit line to $500, and would be closing the account completely on a future date (about 30 days from the date of the letter, if memory serves). No problem, I figured. I only used the card for a couple BTs anyway. I paid the balance in full (~$6,000) a few days after I got the letter.


Since I am the curious type, I've twice checked for pre-approvals on their web site. Both times I've received the message:


We are not able to provide you an offer due to the following:



The message does also say "Our credit decision was based in whole or in part on information obtained in a report from the consumer reporting agency listed below." My FICO is about 750 now. 5% util, the two aforementioned lates are 18+ months old now.


I'm posting this more for others because I am not at all fussed about getting another Discover Card. I just find it weird they'd blacklist someone when the prior account was handled perfectly.

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Re: Discover blacklist for satisfactory account on which they took adverse action

If the account was closed as a result of AA, in their eyes it was not handled perfectly 


They will get over it in time, should you decide to give it another try.  They are just a tad bit salty at the moment 



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