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Discover in mail pre-approval


Discover in mail pre-approval

I received a pre approval from discover in the mail about 3 months ago (I should’ve done it then Smiley Sad ). It expires on the 23rd of September , since then my credit score has dropped, I was hoping to improve it to get a better limit but I had a card close due to non use and my balances have increased. Anybody ever had one of these paper approvals? Does anyone know it I can use it after the expiration date? TIA
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Re: Discover in mail pre-approval

Is it a "Pre-approval" or  "Pre-selected"? If an approval should give you a fixed interest rate. If Pre-Selected it's just a normal mail offer and should have a range of interest rates. Have you gone to their pre-qualify site?

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Re: Discover in mail pre-approval

It has a fixed interest rate (it says your apr will be 24.49%). I’ve gone to the website in the past snd would always get a range of rates, then I got the pre approval in the mail with a fixed interest rate. I’m not sure of the difference between pre approval and pre selected
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Re: Discover in mail pre-approval

Ok I get what you’re saying it’s a pre approval and has an invitation number
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Re: Discover in mail pre-approval

Disco tends to be reliable. I would hesitate to apply since your profile isn't as good as it was before. Perhaps you can sign up for the free Discover Scorecard. It allows them to monitor your profile and they will send you targeted offers. That's how I got my card. Best wishes.

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Re: Discover in mail pre-approval

I would wait, they'll mail another

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Re: Discover in mail pre-approval

I would either wait until they send another one, or I would go to the pre-qualify site and see if there's something available. 

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