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Discover it secured-prequal denied

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Discover it secured-prequal denied

Advice, my discover it secured card pre qualification was denied. When should I try again? I thought all secured cards were approved honestly.
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Re: Discover it secured-prequal denied

@HighGoals wrote:
Advice, my discover it secured card pre qualification was denied. When should I try again? I thought all secured cards were approved honestly.

No - they're not all approved, unfortunately -- especially those that eventually graduate to unsecured - they have stricter underwriting.   

Disco denied me a secured card in 2017 -- after prequalifying me for one -- because I had a 7 year old paid state tax lien on my reports. I never got a secured from them, instead, a year later (finally got the lien removed), I cold app'd for their unsecured and got it with a $10.7K SL.    


Anyway -- you can keep trying to prequal every 30 days or so, but just know that prequals are not guarantees.   Or you could just cold app and see what happens...  

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Re: Discover it secured-prequal denied

I applied for Discover secured in April (denied), early May (denied), late May (approved). In the meantime, I got a Citi secured card and it reported. I also think Self Lender may have reported in time for the approval. And I probably removed a derog somewhere in there. It's not hard to get at all, they just want to see a little something in your history to give them a smidgen of trust, IMO. By the way, my Discover card unsecured like clockwork after seven statements and two or three days. Good luck!

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Re: Discover it secured-prequal denied

Yeah I heard it really good after 7 months that’s why I want to try it instead of doing the open sky card.
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