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Do Amex app denials hurt future chances?

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Re: Do Amex app denials hurt future chances?

I'm not an expert, but based on my experience with them, I am going to say no.


I applied for the HH Ascend card on 3/13 and was denied w/ a FICO of 643.


I just applied today for it again because I had a pre-approval and since my score had gone up to 670 (due to erroneous late payments being removed from my CR) and was approved. So within a month after a denial, I was preapproved. I think as long as you don't burn AMEX, you should be ok to apply if you see a pre-approval. I think, though some people DO get denied, most of the time pre-approvals are solid.

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Re: Do Amex app denials hurt future chances?

Applied two different times for the Everyday Preferred was denied, 1 month later when my score jumped to 716 from 677 checked the pre-qual it said I was pre-approved and it was right.

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