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Does being an expat impact credit card applications?

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Does being an expat impact credit card applications?

I currently have a residential address in the US (California); if I choose to move abroad, will this impact my credit card applications with Chase and Amex (living abroad vs living in the US)? 


Already asked this but also wanted multiple opinions - does having a virtual address as a mailing address and address for the credit bureaus, banks make a difference to application decisions? 

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Re: Does being an expat impact credit card applications?

I can't speak for every card or issuer, but if you look at the rates and fees/terms and conditions page of most credit card products, it explicitly states the offer is valid for "current US residents".  I know Amex specifically does have a program for transferring accounts from one country's subsidiary to another but you'd still have to apply where you are a resident. 


Can't help on virtual addresses with data, but for opinion, everything about the idea of virtual address and banking screams "fraud potential" and tells me lenders would take a very wide berth around that file.  Fraud is increasing and anything unusual will tip of alarm bells easily these days. In the absence of someone providing actual rules that says it's ok, my advice would be to definitely not try it.  Looking sketchy isn't easy to fix.

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Re: Does being an expat impact credit card applications?

Short answer - "It depends". Primary driver is whether or not the address you're using in the US is a physical, or a hold/remailing service. Case in point: Myself and my wife are full time travelling RV'ers. As such we have a domicile address and mailing service in SD. Many, and I mean many financial institutions won' accept that mailing address and they know exactly what it is. They'll accept it for mailing, but not physical. Cap1 won't, Discover won't, etc. Neither would GEICO. *Supposedly* it's an offshoot of Patriot act regulations in that you need a physical address for financials. Similar rules apply to PO boxes. It also caused us issues when financing our current RV. Wells Fargo flat closed our accounts with no notice when we changed addresses. 

Do I know all the particulars? No, I apologize, I do not. But I do know that being in one location and legally being in another can be problematic with financials. 

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