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EX 685 Score Good Enough for AMEX?

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Re: EX 685 Score Good Enough for AMEX?

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Another thing to keep in mind is that even though a lender may only HP one bureau, they can easily SP the other 2 at the same time to get a better picture of your overall profile.  I think too often people think that a lender will only "see" the one CR that they HP, but that's rarely the case when you look at SPs to go along with the HP.

 +1  This  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


I check the SP's any time I app, and this is more common than people realize.

I regularly check my SP's on EX & EQ.



"Sorry to hijack, but what is the easiest way to check SPs?" 

@jillstar13,  You have to go directly to Experian and Equifax websites.


1) Equifax will list them at the bottom when you pull your fresh report.

I pay $9.98 for their service because I cancelled and they offered me less.


2) Experian is a little More Tricky, you Have to Find Your Hard Inquires, click on "Dispute",

Then down at the bottom of that page you'll find a high lighted link

Here are the step to find burried "Soft Pulls" on Experian.


Sorry for anything OT, Just trying to help.

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