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FNBO Ducks Unlimited Denial

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FNBO Ducks Unlimited Denial

I applied for the Ducks Unlimited card as part of the recent app spree. I liked the 5% gas cashback, and it is probably the highest out of any cash back card.

Application went to manual review, and it has been sitting since 11/25/19. Today I received the email update that it was declined.

"Current Status: Declined
Your credit card application has been declined. A letter will be sent to you within 7 - 10 business days explaining why your application was declined."

I know that applying for an FNBO card was very ambitious, and they decline many based on new accounts and recent inquiries. Reports show that FNBO is a very conservative lender, but some select few obtained the card with more inquiries than I have racked up.

Even though I haven't received the denial letter, I can assume it was due to 7 inquiries on Experian and oldest account being 11 months old + many recent accounts. I will have to put the FNBO Ducks card to the side and hopefully get it in the future after gardening.

Edit: Mod please move post to denials forum, sorry I got mixed up
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Re: FNBO Ducks Unlimited Denial

We'll commiserate on your denial.
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Re: FNBO Ducks Unlimited Denial

YMMV with this one, as always there is multiple factors when looking at your credit profile. I was approved with 1 new account in the last 6 months and 8 inquires in the last 2 years. 

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Re: FNBO Ducks Unlimited Denial

I've read somewhere that you need at least 3 years worth of good credit history, but don't take my word from it. In that case, being an authorized user did help me... that card is 2 yrs. older than my oldest credit card.
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Re: FNBO Ducks Unlimited Denial

Don't give up!  I re-applied after getting denied last June, stated "too many inquiries" with only 2!  Just approved $15K instantly with 3 inquiries EXP pull  -  I think they are just a crapshoot with applications - hit and miss


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