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FNBO Evergreen - CLI info?

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Re: FNBO Evergreen - CLI info?

Any dp's when one has an active bt? (did I miss that? Smiley Tongue )

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Re: FNBO Evergreen - CLI info?

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@Winesnoblv wrote:

I received an auto cli last week of $2,300 after having the card for 6 months.  

Have had heavy usage with the 0% interest promo.

I would guess 6 months to request a cli.


If you don't mind, what was your SL and what do you consider heavy usage?

Good questions and also I'm assuming you carried a balance if you were using the %0?

If you were asking this of me, I haven't carried a balance on the card yet. I have three other cards (2 biz, 1 personal) that have 0% for the next year. I will likely carry a balance on one of those biz cards for a few months. I'm typically a PIF guy, so this, while financially feasible, hurts my brain a bit.

Thanks, but was curious about @Winesnoblv since they mentioned the %0 interest. I'm trying to be the PIF guy but have some balances to pay off to get there. Currently have a %0 BT on mine right now.

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Re: FNBO Evergreen - CLI info?

I opened my FNBO Evergreen card account in May 2021, at a $15k SL.  I hit the 0% hard to 14k and stopped in first 2 months, then paid it down to roughly half to now.  I know asking for CLI on the website IS a HP, but after reading this thread I called and asked if any SP CLI offer was available.  She was incredibly nice and placed me on maybe 20-30 second hold and came back with a sorry not at this time.


However, the next day my limit went up to $18k.  So I am unsure what happened but it sure seemed like a manual triggered increase there.  This was a SP, and I expressed that I was buying a new house this year and could not take a HP, she assured me that checking *IF* a CLI offer is availble by phone will not trigger a HP.


Hope this helps, YMMV.

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Re: FNBO Evergreen - CLI info?

Just wanted to offer some input here. FNBO is definitely SP CLI every 4 months, calling in to a CSR. However, it sounds like some Evergreen cardholders are showing evidence of auto-CLI's at the 6 month mark, as well.


I called in July '21, received a $3k CLI on my Ducks UNL card.....then called again Dec. '21 and received another $5k CLI. (That was 5 months apart, but just wanted to make sure I cleared the 4-month mark....I tend to play it safe)


If it were me, I'd wait for the 6-month auto-CLI since that seems to be a common DP for Evergreen holders, then every 4 months afterward you can call in and ask if a CLI is available.

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