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Failed App Spree

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Failed App Spree

Hi Everyone

I have ZERO credit cards - the only trade lines I have are autos.


My credit scores were over 700 on Oct 13 - but fell to 650-680 after attempting in applying for credit cards (and after a new auto line was added) 


All credit applications were declined either because for too many inquiries or too little accounts. 


Anyone have recommedations? 


Declined by: Capital One, Local CUs, Navy Fed, Barclays, BofA, US Bank, Comenity and Syncrhony. 

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Re: Failed App Spree

Grab a secured CC from one of those lenders. In six to nine months, you should be ready to add a none secured CC.
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Re: Failed App Spree

Okay! THank for you replying!



How about Self-Lender? 

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Re: Failed App Spree

I doubt Self Lender would be of any use in your case.  As you have said before, you already have auto loans and another new one.  If you got declined, as Gmood1 said, grab a secured CC and start from there.  I would not get Credit One if I were you.


Self Lender is useful for those with no installment loan history on credit file.


EDIT: I didn't see you have tried Discover.

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Re: Failed App Spree

Self lender is and reports as “secured installment loan”. What you need, is to build history on revolving accounts (credit card). Like the other poster recommended, check out a secured card from any decent lender that “graduates” preferably has no AF and a rewards system. You’ll be ready to apply for unsecured CC’s in 6-9 months as previously mentioned. (If you chose wisely, your bonus will be, your oldest account eventually unsecuring and you won’t be stuck with a crappy secured card with a low limit that you’re afraid to close down the road because it’s your oldest CC account). Good luck!

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Re: Failed App Spree

I would open two secured cards from two good banks like Cap One and Discover then wait 13 months to apply for anything.  After 13 months I would apply for Capital One and Discover and Amex.


In the mean time check Merrick Bank for prequal.



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Re: Failed App Spree

Thinking of Discover.... 


1. Sign up for Credit Scorecard (free through discover. do not need to be a member)... and get a free FICO score and put yourself on their radar....this is a SP btw... once every 30 days or so you can go back and get a fresh FICO score from them) 

2. Wait a bit.. id wait a few days.. 

3. See what pops up in your email...  You can also try a Discover prequal ...  Trying to see if you might be able to get an unsecured Disco... They arent afraid of thin and clean files....  Think you have a chance but Discover doesnt offer you a secured if your declined the regular one these days.. its a separate app... 


Or you can do steps 1 and 2 and directly sign up for a secured Disco... If you wait.. you might be offered a secured discover right from CS...


Not a guarentee but think you have a good chance of getting a secured discover but think it might be a good idea to put you on their radar for offers... plus it gives us one FICO CRA score to work with... (and its a different CRA than the one that you get with the card account)

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Re: Failed App Spree

You must be a member of NFCU since you applied there.  If you can muster it, apply for a $500.00 nRewards secured card today!  With that reporting, your score will jump and will be the stepping stone to unsecured cards very soon.  In a couple months, I bet that unsecured denial from Navy turns into an approval...  before the secured card graduates.  Just pay on time and in full.  I wish I was inyour situation, you are very close to the promised land.

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Re: Failed App Spree

Have you tried the American Express prequalification?  

If you are looking at secured cards, look for secured cards that graduate.

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