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Failed Barclaycard recon


Re: Failed Barclaycard recon

I applied for the arrival mid may 2016 and they pulled transunion, then applied for jet blue 5 days later and they pulled experian.

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Re: Failed Barclaycard recon

@drmceo wrote:

I applied for the arrival mid may 2016 and they pulled transunion, then applied for jet blue 5 days later and they pulled experian.

What was the outcome of those two apps? I read on the forum that if you apply for a second barclaycard within 6 months of the first approval, the second app will be an instant denial. Is there any truth to this?


Starting Scores: EQ 598, EX 566, TU 550, 3/31/13 ....... Goal Score: 830
Current Scores: EQ 845, EX 841, TU 836 ..................... Inq: EQ: 0, EX: 1, TU: 1

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Re: Failed Barclaycard recon

10k approval for the arrival and 1k for the jet blue. They said they needed to see how I handled the cards. Then 6 months later I called and asked if I could have an apr decrease and they said it was the lowest already and gave me a sp cli to 14k and 2k. Then on the anniversary of the jet blue they gave me an auto cli of 1500.


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Re: Failed Barclaycard recon

So it is possible to get two barclaycards within six months, thanks for the info.

Starting Scores: EQ 598, EX 566, TU 550, 3/31/13 ....... Goal Score: 830
Current Scores: EQ 845, EX 841, TU 836 ..................... Inq: EQ: 0, EX: 1, TU: 1

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Re: Failed Barclaycard recon

Thanks for the info everyone. I'm considering applying for the CashForward.

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Re: Failed Barclaycard recon

Here are some additional data points on the Ring:


I applied for the Ring with a TU score around 715 (don't recall exactly - maybe 709, maybe 719).  Had one (unlawful) collection and one 5-year-old 30-day late on my TU record.  And high-ish utilization (say, 33%).  Not an immediate rejection, but the nastygram arrived 10 days later.  I'd read that Barclay's doesn't like lates, and surely doesn't like collections.


About 2.5 months later, after successfully having the collection removed, my TU score rose to ~775.  And my util was lower (25% or less).  I had been reading these forums, had read a few reconsideration stories, and saw a post with Barclay's recon number.  What the heck ... .


Barclay's needed another hard pull (entirely reasonable), but the new score sufficed.  The rep (with a delightful telephone manner) said that I was approved with a 7.5K line, with up to 5K available for BT (in line with my original application request).


Then came security (because I've placed Fraud Alerts on my credit reports (thank you so much, EQ)).

Barclay's required hard photocopied documentation - DL, SSN, utility bill.  Didn't have the latter, so I sent in a copy of my mortgage statement.  Got a call 1.5 weeks later.

  <them> Barclay's does not accept mortgage statements. 

  <me> Hmmmm ... all utils are in DW's name.

  <them> Can you provide a bank statement?

  <me> Smiley Mad 

I was inclined to bail, but since I was 2 INQs in, I sent the statement (for the checking account from which I'll be paying the card charges). 


I guess they liked it -- I got a call the other day thanking me for my documentation, advising that I'd receive my card in 7-10 days and it'd have a 14K limit.


Very happy to have a no-fee card with no foreign transaction fees -- but the Barclay Ring was certainly harder to qualify for than the CSP (which was an immediate online approval with my scores in the mid-720s).



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5/243/12AoYA 0m | AoOA 23y6m~3%
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Re: Failed Hawaiian Barclaycard (should I recon?)

Morning gals and pals ...


Over the Memorial day weekend I kinda went on a 'calculated spree' of sorts (looked at all the cards that had the highest SL's and then which agency they usually pull from) and narrowed that search down to 2 cards - Barclays Hawaiian World Elite Card, and a BoA Prime MasterCard (or something like that?) ... The BoA I got approved on for $5K (after trying and failing with Barclays - but wanted to get that story out of the way first) -


Anywho - After the Barclays fail - I went on this massive page-long 'rant' here targeted directily at Barclays b/c TU is where they typically pull from and TU is my strongest score atm - and has no baddies, no lates, and currently down to 3% UTIL - plus the new FICO's updated on 1-JUNE and my scores jumped up another +13 pts to 767 and was feeling pretty confident about Barclays (as long as they pulled TU) for at that time I only had 2 HP's (of which those will drop off on the 20th of June) ... But then got my BoA approval and just needed to calm down and  'wait' to see what Barclays reason was for the rejection before throwing all my toys out of my pram -


So I deleted my post (rant) simply b/c I just couldn't figure out why I was denied? (and it made me look and sound like a 4 yr old child having a tantrum!) - But based on others' I'd seen and read about (I found a Database of scores and 'successes' from others' that had applied and this Hawaiian Elite card averaged around $12K SL when approved) - and for those on the left coast that enjoy flying to Hawaii from Cali - it's a decent card for them - I was more interested in the potential $12K and air miles as my sales territory does cover kind of a 'triangle' from SLC to Seattle down to LAX/San Diego - (but happily does include Hawaii tooSmiley Happy) However, I rarely get out there much, as we currently only have like 3-4 clients and I don't technically NEED to visit them - but whenever I feel the need for a break and a nice round of golf in Maui Smiley Happy - The last time I booked a trip there, I planned it with those 3 customer stops like on TUES/WEDS/THURS (they're each on a sep. island! lol) - and bookended my trip (week) by flying out Friday and spending that 1st weekend hanging with friends in Kona and then did my biz over the next week - then went to Maui for FRI-SUN and flew back Monday Smiley Happy Nice 12 day biz trip that obviously I could have done in just 2-3 days (I was dating someone too from Kona at that time, so that too factored in) - but I do have to pay for the 'extra' hotel expenses beyond the 3 days of "business" - so that can add up quick to like $7K+  esp when a round of golf at Kapalua vs Kaanapali is $150-$300 depending on the day and course etc -


Anyway - Over the Memorial Day weekend - I eventully calmed down after a few hours, and removed my rant and just enjoyed my BOA victory - though the sting of the HP for a failed card still sticks in my craw (I've only been turned down now 2 times in 4 years for any cards applied for) Oh yeah, that was the weekend too that I got my "no pull" AMEX PRG (Rewards) Gold Card too Smiley Happy So I was batting .666 and just got a massive package in the post mail last night from AMEX welcoming me to the Gold Club - They sure do know how to do things right! - So I'd forgotten about that one too ... Already loaded it into my iPhone X and Apple Watch - and booked 2 flights to get my intro pts -




So, I got Barclays rejection letter last night (too) and they say my score was 762 (so 5 less than what I'd seen elsewhere) and said the only reason was "age of accounts" (age of my credit) ... Which in my now deleted rant was the only thing I could think of (AAoA) -


For those of you that don't know my story, I lived overseas for 4-5 years and despite having a UK Barclays bank account, Savings account and US CD and US Savings account here (along with HSBC in London) when I came back to America, my first order of business was to get a new mobile phone - (they use a different freq over there and don't offer LTE/4G (back then) and so I went to several shops and got shot down!? Had to put up a $400 Deposit with Verizon - Huh?


So I then pulled all 3 of my reports and all said I had a "0" credit score LOL - as everything good and bad had fallen off over the years whilst I was away.... (Dave Ramsey swears a "0" credit score is the "holy grail" of credit scores to have and to freeze it and pay cash) Well, whilst I like most of Dave's advice - he has $10M in the bank to fall back on and paid cash for his house AND his kids houses too - We're not all New York Best-selling Authors ya know? Plus with business travels, car rentals, hotels and client dinners etc - I see no way of being able to do any of those things with "cash" only?


But back on topic -


I felt like I was 16 yrs old again and despite having a very healthy UK income and Vantage 1000 UK Credit Score (980+) and several UK CC's they'd not take any of that info into account here in the states Smiley Sad


So my Q is this - Now that I know what their beef is with me at Barclays (4 yrs of 'credit' but my AAoA is like only 1.8yrs. (esp after my 'spree' its probably dropped even more with my "average" now) and I prolly just shot myself in the foot - but also in reading some of these (wild!) recon stories and what ppl said to get approved - Do I stand a snowballs chance if I ring them to discuss??


Also I'm like at $92K now in 'credit' ($10K of that is Synchro for DDS so not really usable and another $5K is like Shell, Texaco, etc - Cards I don't really use as I get more % pts with my AMEX or Marvel cards now) but those were good 'starter cards' 3-4 years ago when I was tryiing to get above that "0" score.... Even the Disover CSR was reviewing my account Monday, and said she'd never seen a chart/graph go so high, so fast... ever - lol - so that made me smile - It basically shoots straight up from 0 to now 770 on TU Smiley Happy So also goes to show or prove if you buckle down and really put in the hard work and don't over spend and pay early or always on time (PIF) - This rigged biased system can actually work (I'm still fighting 1 baddie with EXP but think this week it's coming off - and all then weill be around 770 Smiley Happy Happy days when that finally happens -


But Question is - with this Barclays Hawaiian Card - is it even worth calling in about? I don't have any defense per se ... I mean, it's just "time" which I can't change?! - (I've often thought about buying one of those 'piggy back' card services with like 20 yrs history and $20K limit for like $800 b/c that'd give me instant age .. and I'd probably break the 800 mark - but heard bad things about that method - Legal? Illegal?)


I've done fine on my own thus far - But do need to fix the AAoA issue....




BB Smiley Happy

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