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Finally pre-qualified for a Capital One card

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Finally pre-qualified for a Capital One card

Just sharing...


I have been checking the Capital One prequalifier once every 2 weeks or so for about 6-8 months to see if I qualify for a card.  I have these stupid credit cards & I have been paying unnecessary fees monthly so I am definitely looking for a better card.  I had too many inquires on my Equifax  report which caused me to get denied previously so I didn't want to waste 3 inquires again for a denial.  I just tried again and to my complete surprise I got a 'Congratulations! We think you’ll like this pre-qualified card offer(s).' message.  I was pre-qualified for the QS1 & the platinum card.  I am happy to get these offers but I think they didn't offer me the QS card because my utilization is at 31% right now.  I just paid my credit cards off this week & once everything is updated I should be at 5 or 6%.  My score decreased due to my utilization & an account that I paid after charge off in 2017 agreed to remove all late payments from my reports when the credit bureaus updated the information the DOFD updated to February 2019 which caused my scores to drop 10-15 points. I am in the process of disputing this now.


I will like to try again in a couple of weeks to see if I can qualify for the QS or Venture card.


I don't know how often the website updates it's offers but I'm hope to get a better card by the end of the month.  I'm just happy I finally qualified for a better card.


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Re: Finally pre-qualified for a Capital One card

Awesome feeling isn't it?!?! I just checked Cap One and it said I was prequalified for the Savor and Savor One. But I'm holding out for some bigger things. Waiting on a couple of CLI's that are due in a couple months before I apply for cards. So I can get higher SL.

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Re: Finally pre-qualified for a Capital One card

Congrats...being patiently is hard sometimes but it will pay off in the end

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