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Has anyone applied for any products with TDECU?

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Has anyone applied for any products with TDECU?

I applied on 4/1/19 for a checking and savings account as well as their personal loan for 25k and a credit card that had a minimum of $2000 limit and asked to match my navy federal cards at 15k. Was sent to manual review and awaiting response was just seeing if anyone had any experience with this lender. They are the credit card company that has the Bucees credit card but I applied for a very unique card that has a set limit and there is a separate limit that’s double and you can have a lot of buying power but have to pay it off in full or u can use it like a regular credit card it’s called the Tdecu ONYX. I know they pull Equifax and I have a 722 but 52 inq maybe 12 done in the last year and aaoa of 1 year 2 months
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Re: Has anyone applied for any products with TDECU?


i believe for the  ONYX you need to be a self employed business owner and would require a POI. (not your P & L stmt or year end biz tax return).

i m from that area in greater houston & its a very popular credit union.


Another cu i know that is very lenient is the

very nice credit union.

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