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Has anyone been approved after "pending" with Amex?

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Has anyone been approved after "pending" with Amex?

My son decided to try applying for American Express tonight after no luck somewhere else.  


He received a "we will let you know in 14 days after review."  Is that always a no?  In the past he's always been denied for a delinquent account several years ago that he paid off without a hard pull.  Today was the first time he received a hard pull after a long spin of the wheel.


He never received an email confirmation either, which i thought was weird.


On the app status page he always got an instant "Denied" and when he clicks to says previous delinquency (even though paid).

Today it just says "In Process"

thanks for any input

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Re: Has anyone been approved after "pending" with Amex?

The 14 days message is not always a decline since some decisions may require further processing and/or verification.


That said, if a reason for the decline has already been provided (via the online letter), then it sounds like the "In Process" message could be a glitch. Your son can reach out to their new accounts team to confirm the application results if anything.

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Re: Has anyone been approved after "pending" with Amex?

Thank you FinStar.


Do you know if his AU online access with American Express will be the same for his personal card, or does he create a new online access for his individual card?


Thank you

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