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IKEA Projekt Pre Qualify

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Re: IKEA Projekt Pre Qualify

Yes, over two years ago, beginning of my credit rebuild and not knowing about comenity opening accounts than closing accounts, I apply for four comenity cards within a two month period, approved, received cards in the mail, setup account online, hit all credit bureaus than almost immediately alerted by the credit bureau about all four accounts reported as "closed by grantor". 

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Re: IKEA Projekt Pre Qualify

Yep, that confirms what I was eluding to. They'll cite that information for a variety of declined applications. Almost like a 'soft' blacklist if you would.

Potentially, you *could* still be approved (cold apps and the like), but since their system has you flagged, then it's anyone's guess how those will turn out.
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Re: IKEA Projekt Pre Qualify

Thanks, I never thought of those closed accounts, but now it all makes sense.  I am done with comenity, I have the cards I wanted.

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