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Is There Such A List???

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Re: Is There Such A List???

Ok then you’re in good shape. Just maintain those cards as you are and let your accounts gain some age while you work on the derogs. With your collections, who owns each one? Some of them may be willing to grant a pay for delete if you haven’t paid them yet.

For those that are paid and closed but still present, read this thread. You may be able to get some results in removing them:

I’d also say it’s worth calling your lender for the car loan and asking if they’re willing to remove the lates on the account - some will do so and every bit helps Smiley Happy

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Re: Is There Such A List???

Found this in my daily browse of credit reading...


This might answer a few questions.

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Re: Is There Such A List???

Seems as though UW standards change with the phases of the moon. Each App is its own entity. You might be able to identify a fleeting trend but just as you get ready to take the plunge... tides shift. Best to keep up to date on the personalities of each lender and App for what fits you at that moment in time that you feel you are ready. Always use a PQ if you can. Limit your risk. This is chess.. it aint checkers!!! Smiley LOL


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