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Is my util preventing pre-quals?

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Is my util preventing pre-quals?

Hey all! I am so excited. I was finally able to get my last two collections removed from my reports after a years-long journey, and they are finally totally clear! Here is my current situation:


TransUnion & Equifax

FICO 8: 777 (TU), 764 (EQ)

CapOne secured $155/$500 (31%)

Chase Sapphire (AU) $840/$4200 (20%)

No baddies

1 inq (EQ)

AAoA: 4.9 years



FICO 8: 765

CapOne secured $155/$500 (31%)

No baddies, no inqs

AAoA: 2.6 years


As you can see, EX does not report my AU card so it brings my AAoA down and my overall util up.  I am receiving zero pre qual offers. Could that be because of the 31% util on my CapOne? Or just because I have a thin file? Is it worth apping for anything right now, or should I pay off that CapOne and wait for it to report a 0 balance? Also, who likes thin files? Thanks in advance!

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Re: Is my util preventing pre-quals?

My bet is that it's more about your thin file than anything else.

Where have you checked for prequals?

Discover usually likes thin files if you haven't checked there already.

Also, were your collections credit card related by any chance?

Some banks will keep internal info regardless of it falling off your credit history.

Good luck with your rebuild!

Total Credit: $107,000Utilization: 1%AAoA: 2yrs, 4mthsAoOA: 3yrs, 1mthAoYA: 1yrs, 10mthsBaddies: 0

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Re: Is my util preventing pre-quals?

Thin files id say unless you have added a fraud alert or something. I never get prequals so i dont think much of them but i can understand the wanting of them. As you build your profile hopefully they come more often Smiley Happy
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Re: Is my util preventing pre-quals?

Thanks for the replies! Most of my collections were medical, none of them were banks. I stopped letting lack of offers spook me and cold apped Amex BCE and Discover It, approved for both! 😁
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