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Looking to App a few cards for Winter Garden, should I trust Pre-Approval?

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Looking to App a few cards for Winter Garden, should I trust Pre-Approval?

So a recap for me would be found HERE...


My score went up recently, and I tried a few Pre-Approval pages in case I want another Secured Card after *maybe* reapping for Discover.


My current profile is 1 Card account (3+yrs) with Capital One, and a recent Open Sky Secured Card...My current FICO (MyFico) is 596 accross the board, and only 1 recent HP (for a Discover Secured, which I was declined; but Credit score was 425 at time).


So it looks like, I was matched to (by BofA online app) to the following cards in order:


BofA Travel Rewards

BofA Premium Rewards

BofA Cash Rewards


Now, I like those cards, and the Bonus Sign up offers are doable (Especially Points convert to Travel/Rental/Hotels).


Worse case, I can do the BofA Secured card, but if I can get another UNsecured account, that'll help the Winter Gardening.


As for Discover - their App pairs me with a Discover IT Cash Credit Card: Again, I can be happy with a Discover Secured...but if I can get the UNSECURED version out the gate, right? Smiley Wink



So Question #1: Are my scores good enough to app for ANY of these cards, or should I just go with the Secured card and be done with it? (Yes, I can still get one from my bank SDFCU...I just don't like that their Visa has rather lackluster perks, and the Secured will never graduate (might as well be another ATM card then).


Question #2: Another 2 cards to look at (but was willing to wait until next summer to app for) would be the Delta Skymiles AmEx OR WalMart Store/Mastercard.


Final Question: Are there any STORE cards...speciifically, Sears, Kolhs, Best Buy, or Gamestop...that are within reach with score like that? Don't need ALL of them, just one will do as a different TL for myself.


All answers are gratefully accepted!


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Re: Looking to App a few cards for Winter Garden, should I trust Pre-Approval?

I would look at unsecured cap one card

credit rebuild started 01/01/14
$100k credit card goal achieved 10/01/17
now in the garden with $150k in credit cards
  $ 30,000          $ 25,500          $ 23,750             $ 17,500             $ 7,000            $ 1,800     

  $ 17,000          $ 10,000              $ 6,000            $ 4,000     
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Re: Looking to App a few cards for Winter Garden, should I trust Pre-Approval?


So I think you’re a little bit away from scoring an unsecured card right now. 598 is a little bit low (unless you’re shooting for a Cap1 card which you already have) you should start seeing more approvals around 640+, depending on when your lates and charge off happened it would be easier to get better cards when it’s 1-2years past it’s first delinquency.

Boa’s Pre-Qualify is notoriously spotty and is mostly advertising unless you get a solid apr.

I think first it would be worth while to get a secured savings loan or a selflender loan for your account mix plus the positive payment history on it.

I would try and get the discover secured (you get cash back, it can graduate in 7 months) as they will grow with you. Same with Bank of America, as they don’t tend to bucket you from what I’ve read and that can graduate after 5 statements with a hard pull.

I think what you need the most right now is time to let your lates age, but picking up a couple of cards right now to age together will help maximize your fico score (you need at least 3 cards, 2 reporting a zero balance and 1 reporting under 9% utilization).

You’ve done a great job rebuilding so far, the more time you let those lates and charge off age the better. Don’t burn a bunch of inquiries, as that will slow down your progress!

Hope this helps.

Ps see if you can convert your Cap1 platinum into the no fee quick silver.
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