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Looking to apply for a new card, preferably EQ pull!

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Re: Looking to apply for a new card, preferably EQ pull!


suntrust & BBT have now merged so they are wonderful.

Suntrust bank has a travel rewards card thats gives

  • $250 Statement Credit after you spend $3,000 on qualifying purchases in the first three months after account opening
  • 3% Unlimited Cash Back on travel qualifying purchases6 (3% of 8k = $ $240) or 16k cap1Venture miles +$250 stmt credit.
  • 2% Unlimited Cash Back on dining qualifying purchases
  • 1% Unlimited Cash Back on all other qualifying purchases—all the time
  • Up to a $100 statement credit every 5 years, as reimbursement for your application fee for Global Entry or TSA Precheck3
  • No foreign transaction fees1
  • $0 Intro Annual fee1 for the first year, $89 thereafter
  • 0.0% intro APR on balance transfers for 15 months after account opening. Competitive variable rate, currently 13.49%–23.49% APR, thereafter1. A Balance Transfer fee of $10 or 3% of the amount of the transfer, whichever is greater, will apply. 

How is this card compared to other travel reward cards like
Chase CSP
BofA Travel Rewards
Cap1 Venture


I have close to $8k in airline ticket spending for the month of May. Should i opt for 2x the miles with Venture (which i already have) or apply & spend $3k to $5k and obtain CSP/Explorer or Suntrust Travel Rewards. The fees are nearly $80/90 per year anyways.

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Re: Looking to apply for a new card, preferably EQ pull!

This is a tiny bit off topic, but are those actual FICO scores or FAKO vantage3 scores from someone like CreditKarma?  I ask because you listed EQ and TU, which *happen* to be the two CK gives, and the score Cap1 gives is a V3 FAKO from TU. They aren't necessarily the best scores to rely on for approvals.  


(I promise I read the thread, but if I missed where this was asked & answered, you'll have to forgive me)


For me, my FICO score was (until very recently) always at least 20 points lower than my V3 score. Don't want you to get denied and surpised by the lower score given in the denial letter.  

(Sigh, farewell dear CSR. Though we only were together briefly, you'll be missed....)


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Re: Looking to apply for a new card, preferably EQ pull!

Citi pulled EX & EQ for me in January for DC,Rewards+, Simplicity, & finally HD. All instant approvals.
NFCU Flagship 23,900 Penfed PowerCash 8,750 NFCU AMEX Rewards 33,500 NFCU GoRewards 3,000
Capital One Quicksilver 6,300
Lowe’s 6,000
5/3 Truly Simple 2,300
5/3 Trio 3,200
Barclay Apple1k
Citi Rewards+ 9,100
Citi Double Cash 13,300
Citi Simplicity 4,100
PNC Core VISA 12,500
Home Depot 1,000
Discover 10,500
BB&T Rewards 4,500 BB&T Bright Card 4,500 GS Apple 5,500 Chevron 900 Fico 8 Scores EQ=760EX=755 TU=750Scores and CL current as of 05/16/20 AAoA=2years6minths AoOA=17yrs
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Re: Looking to apply for a new card, preferably EQ pull!

@falco635 wrote:

Hey all, I'm looking to apply for a new card if possible and looking for my options. Primarily looking for a Cash Back/Travel card but open to other options. Primary spending is grocery, gas, online shopping, restaurants. I'm located in TX if that helps figure out which bureaus gets pulled.


My current EQ score is 704 and TU Score is 645. Currently have 1 credit card: Cap1 QS 1,500 Limit, 100% Paid on time (always pay off full balance), account has been open for 1 year, 7 months. I also have 1 baddie on file (collection). I've been getting offers in the mail for the past couple of months to apply for Citi Double Cash (APR given), but not sure about whether I would get approved or not. Was looking at Discover IT but not sure if it fits my range.


What are my best options to apply for?

Most credit unions favor EQ, and from my recent app sprees over the last year more seem to pull EX or TU. Some do pull EQ, but its a double-pull so EQ + one of the others. This might help, pulled this together based on data points found here 

The "Which Banks Pull Which Report For Apps" List

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