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NFCU CLI denial


NFCU CLI denial

I have had my cash rewards card through NFCU for over a year now. I was originally approved for 3K, then within three months bumped to 6K. I have recently applied for both a personal loan for 6000 to be repaid within 24 months as well as a CLI and chose the 25K for the counter offer. My credit is clean as I just purchased a home and I have always paid my card on time and almost always in full, I have 3K on there right now just due to new home stuff. Any idea if I should recon or what? My annual income is 58K. My fiancé and I were wondering if she lives with me can we include her income under "other" or as part of the loan?
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Re: NFCU CLI denial

I should add that I was denied both the personal loan and the Credit line increase

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Re: NFCU CLI denial

You should be able to add her but I wouldn't waste the time on a recon
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Re: NFCU CLI denial

I'm sorry to hear about your denial.  Smiley Sad


If you've not already checked out the 'big' thread on NFCU CLIs, it's worth a look:


There's a lot there... if you don't have time to start from the beginning you can simply skim over the more recent posts (much of the information is repeated).  You'll also find examples of nearly every CLI situation with NFCU you can think of.  Smiley Wink

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Re: NFCU CLI denial

Sorry for the denial, and yes you should be able to add her. Was there any reasoning given for the denials?

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