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Had NFCU for banking/savings since 2010, NFCU Rewards Visa $8K with perfect history & w/o any CLI requests just hit 2yrs.  I'm curious at the flat denial after seeing everything on here about NFCU approving high, or at least countering or willing to reconsider but hey..I guess that's part of learning.
I'm still rebuilding credit.  F8 EQ:592 TU:612 EX628.  Payed off all my cards this month ($12K), a Military Star Card collection ($4.5K), added $2.3K to Discover secured to max it at $2.5K.  Hopefully discover graduates @ 8mo in April w/CLI instead of dropping it...
Scores came up 20-28pts this month paying off NFCU from max+ to zero, it reported the 10th. The simulator shows when all accounts report this month scores "should" jump into the 670s for EX and EQ, and 650s for TU.  After that I don't know what else except wait to get offers in the mail, applying never seems to work.
Salary is 170K anul
NFCU $8K, MAC FCU $1.5K, Discover IT Secured $2.5K, CreditOne $400
Mortgage standards DTI is 18% with rent @$1100mo
Had this job since late 2016, and was active duty Army for almost 10yrs before that.
I learned today what may be the reason when I looked at the NFCU website, they're displaying F9 now.  My F9 EQ is 562, and the HP came from EQ, it doesn't say which one though & I won't recieve a letter for 2wks.  Either way it gives me something else to start learning and working on.
I'm so frustrated lol, feels like no matter what I do there's always somebody in the back room that hears my name and walks directly over to the operator and sets the desk on fire, then writes me a personal letter telling me I wasn't approved because of reasons. Smiley Indifferent

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Re: NFCU CLI denial w/2yrs perfect payments

You're going too fast.


Wait for all of that to actually update to the credit reporting agencies and for your scores to actually increase, THEN start seeking CLIs.


YOU know what you're doing, but NFCU does not.  They can't see it until it updates!  Smiley Happy


Good luck!

10/01/21 Fico 8: EX 739, EQ 754, TU 758.
10/04/21 Fico 9: EX 739, EQ 756, TU No idea.

Zero percent financing is where the devil lives...
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Re: NFCU CLI denial w/2yrs perfect payments

Yeah, too bad they can't see it..even though all the transactions happened through their bank..and they have the confirmation of payments recieved..and I can probably think of 5 more reasons they could give a little more effort, but I know that's not how it works, and I just found out I qualify for BECU so I might start moving in that direction instead.

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Re: NFCU CLI denial w/2yrs perfect payments

NFCU doesn’t know what you did until they conduct their AR (when they update your EQ score) — and that’s provided that all of the payments have posted. 


NFCU doesn’t monitor your transactions and where your money is going. Quite frankly I would be very concerned if they spent resources on that outside of just making sure drafts aren’t fraudulent. 


Your impatience is going to cause you a lot of headaches while you’re rebuilding. You can destroy your credit in a day but it can take 7 years to fix (or 10 for BK). 


Also, don’t ever trust a credit score simulator. If you need a simulation for credit actions, ask in the Understanding FICO scoring forum. They’re much better equipped than a simulator. 

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Re: NFCU Denial CLI

First off, Welcome to the forumSmiley Happy Most importantly, THANK YOU for your service to our NationSmiley Happy

Ok, it looks like you are on your way to great things now that everything seems to be paid off. I think all those issues you had that wete tanking your scores was the real reason Navy declined. But i have a feeling in 6 m9nths, you will be singing their praises as your profile improves, your history with Navy will surely help as well as your income. Its raining today but for sure your Sun is coming . Keep the faithSmiley Happy.
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Re: NFCU Denial CLI

Hi there OP and welcome to myFico.

I have removed your duplicate thread on this subject. Please refrain from creating multi threads in different forums as it can lead to confusion and its not inline with our TOS. Thanks for your understanding on this.
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Re: NFCU Denial CLI

Thank you all for the kudos, and thank you gdale6 MOD for the warm welcome and helping me understand the board dynamic better.


Also, Update to NFCU, they ARE pulling F9 EQ now.  Got some work to do!

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