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NFCU approval then closure


NFCU approval then closure

Approximately a week ago I applied to become a member of NFCU after realizing I had access to membership via my grandparent. I opened a checking, savings, and Cash Rewards card was instantly approved. 2 days later I try logging in my account online and the password doesn't work so I call in and they refer to me Early Warning.


I've ordered my free report but it still hasn't come yet. A few years ago, I fell victim to a online check cashing scam. I felt this was likely a scam and I opened an account with Bank of America because of this, I explained the situation that I was approached online to "process" payments, and the checks were all BOA checks so I figured it would be safest to do it through that financial institution. I asked them to please not accept them if the checks were fraud or anything looked suspicious and they agreed. Upon depositing the checks, my account was instantly closed and reported as fraud. I filed a police report and disputed with BOA. I can only assume this is what came back on the EW report. Honestly, I forgot about the check cashing scam, and thinking back I don't believe BOA ever followed up with me.


Lastly, my Cash Rewards card came in the mail today. Almost like a gut punch as I know my NFCU account isn't even active right now. I'm assuming I will not be able to use this card?

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Re: NFCU approval then closure

You won't be able to use it if the account is closed, no. That said, I'd wait for that letter, then with it in hand, call Navy back and try to recon.

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Re: NFCU approval then closure

Will do, thanks for the feedback.

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Re: NFCU approval then closure

How did this turn out @livefitwithchris? Any update? 

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Re: NFCU approval then closure

@Getty59  As suspected this is what is on my report. I didn't have much luck with recon when calling NFCU as it looks like a fraudulent account. I'm at a loss of what to do. Any advice?

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Re: NFCU approval then closure

Have you not opened any checking accounts or credit cards since this BoA scam years ago? Forget talking to Navy you need to speak with BoA and have them clear up any fraud indicators they put on your profile. 


Then once that is cleared up I would ask them very nicely to put in writing that the issue is cleared and THEN go back to Navy with the letter from BoA and see if they'll reconsider. Put yourself in Navy's shoes. If a fraudster is coming to you saying he didn't committ fraud why would you ever believe him? Only you know you were scammed but claiming you were scammed is exactly what a fraudster would say in this situation to open new accounts.

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Re: NFCU approval then closure

@livefitwithchris @

For now I would put Navy on the side and contact Boa for a letter regarding the fraud account and if it has been cleared send a letter to Navy to have your account reinstated.  

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Re: NFCU approval then closure

@gingerflower  thanks for the advice. Will do. Oddly, navy is reporting the cash rewards card on my credit report although I never attempted to activate it. Could I actually be using it? 

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Re: NFCU approval then closure

The account will still report even if not activated.  If it doesn't let you activate it online or through the automated system, then the account is restricted or closed.

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Re: NFCU approval then closure

@850Dreamer  I totally get that vantage point and to answer your question, no I haven't opened any new bank account in years. I've had PenFed for 5+ years and I have opened new credit cards as recently as the last 6 months but this has never come to my attention until now. 

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