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NFCU denial after 91/3…why?


NFCU denial after 91/3…why?

Hello everyone,

I'm fairly new to the forums, but have gained a ton of information. One of the most useful was knowledge surrounding NFCU. I, along with my fiancé joined NFCU in May 2021. Both of us opened a checking and savings account. We both also applied and were approved for the Cash Rewards with $1k SL. Definitely less than expected but we were both happy to just get a foot in. Fast forward to 91 days and 3 full statements later, we both looked to try for the coveted 2nd card hoping for they would open up a bit more. My fiancé was pre approved for every card, so we decided to get her the Flagship rewards. She was approved for $6100 SL at 15% apr. she also was approved for a CLI on her cash rewards to $3k. At that time, her TU F9 was 690 and income of $80k. Utilization 5%. 
I was only pre approved for the secured card, which was extremely odd. I decided to chance it and apply for the flagship also but was denied. My TU F9 was 700 with income of $120k. DTI less than 15%.  Utilization. 6%. They did however give me a CLI on my cash rewards to $3k. I do have 5 paid chargeoffs and student loans still open. Less than 10 inquiries on TU. 
Has anyone had a similar experience?  Seems strange with my income, dti and score that they would deny me for the 2nd card. I joined Penfed around that same time in May and was approved for the PCR $3500 SL, and they just approved me for a 2nd card - penfed gold with a $3500 SL last week. Looking for any suggestions on how to make my profile look better to NFCU. Should I wait to apply again for a 2nd card at the 6 month mark?  

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Re: NFCU denial after 91/3…why?

Seems to me like your paid chargeoffs did you in. That, plus the fact that the Flagship has tougher UW than the rest of their cards, and generally, they expect you to already have another TL of at least $5k (doesn't have to be with them) before approval. This explains your fiance's borderline approval of $6.1k and your denial.


Also, never go by Navy's prequals. They're notoriously unreliable.


Also, are you sure your DTI is under 15%? Open student loans do contribute towards DTI.

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Re: NFCU denial after 91/3…why?

10ish inquiries didn't help.


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