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Need info on PPMC online CLI max

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Need info on PPMC online CLI max

I've read that the max total CL that you can have when you apply for a CLI online is $10k. Has anyone been able to get more added to the CLI by calling? What about just starting with a call in the first place? And, what is really the difference? Do they ask you additional questions?


After you hit the $10k mark, can you never get an online CLI again?

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Re: Need info on PPMC online CLI max

I've read many times here that once you hit $10k CL you need to call Synchrony Credit Solutions for a CLI -  877-379-8173

But apparently that doesn't mean you can't get an auto CLI, my PPMC CL was $10k and I got an auto CLI to $12,500 in March. I put a decent spend on it of at least $1k/month, this month I put almost $2200 on it.

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