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New Chase Recon Policy - No rep-shopping? (CSR app denied then approved)

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New Chase Recon Policy - No rep-shopping? (CSR app denied then approved)

TL/DR: Chase doesn't let you rep-shop on recon anymore?  I called in the recon line published multiple places, and they sent me to a completely different department.  Then that department said the analysts were no longer accessible via calls, and they could only submit it for recon/review with notes from our discission.  New decision would come forth in 7-10 days.   Rep called me on day 8, ultimately was approved for the CSR with a 16k limit... but that sounds like a NEW policy from what is painstakingly documented here and elsewhere.


(longer version)

I'm new here, and after losing my butt in some business deals and making some bad credit decisions (think animal feeling trapped by the mounting business financial mess, got scared, made dumb decisions), got back into the credit game about three years ago.  SO here I am, nearly 40, and only one credit card - and it is only 3 years old.  I'm on my wife's 7k CL USAA card, but she has it nearly maxed out.


Credit Karma said I had "good" odds of getting Chase Sapphire Reserve.   Yes, I've read SINCE THEN not to trust what CK says, didn't know at the time.


Applied.  Automated status said 30 days for nearly a week.  Finally said 7-10 days.  Denial right? Called the recon line everyone has published.  They gave me a different number, said the analysts are not caller-facing, and I'll hear back in 7-10 days.


THE NUMBER GIVEN BY CHASE WAS THEIR DREADED FINANCIAL REVIEW team - the ones that have been reviewing accounts after locking them down, as documented on these forums and  


Finally received denial letter.  Too short a history, too high a balance, too recent negatives. 


Called recon back, they referred me again to the FR number.  


Called the number, and they told me they could submit my app for recon/review with some notes from me, but analysts did not accept inbound calls anymore.  7-10 day wait.  Again.


Received a call on day 8 from an analyst.  I answered questions, was nice as possible, and explained the situation.  Ultimately, was approved... but thought I'd pass along this datapoint in case anyone else is having different Chase recon experiences than those well documented here and elsewhere.


As of the application:

AAoA - 3 years

Credit Usage 75%

Vantage scores (didn't have access to FICO): TU-682, EX-716, EQ-682

Foreclosure in 2015

1 paid collection (VZW **bleep** put it on there before notifying me we owed them anything, and won't take it off)

My wife's USAA card has 2 late payments from 4 years ago that still annoyingly show up on MY report



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Re: New Chase Recon Policy - No rep-shopping? (CSR app denied then approved)

My guess is they don't want people who shouldn't really be approved sweet talking their way into an approval. A written manual review helps prevent that. (Not saying you shouldn't have been approved, just saying this is likely one of the reasons for the change). Beyond that, I'm sure they can cut back on labor costs and have fewer analysts working which of course saves them money.


Things have changed over the past several years as reward chasing has become more prolific. One of the side effects is that in general, it is tougher to recon decisions as banks develop smarter approval/denial standards. They also don't want people talking their way into approvals, hence policy changes in some cases where the reps cannot override the decisions and/or you cannot actually speak to the rep, etc.

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Re: New Chase Recon Policy - No rep-shopping? (CSR app denied then approved)

OH I completely get the reasons... I was *SURPRISED* that reps like that were ever customer-facing... like I didn't even know there was such a thing as recon until I started searching.


And I probably shouldn't have had the card... after checking FICO scores insead of Vantage, my FICO scores were QUITE a bit lower.  Likely SHOULDN'T have gotten it.  


Ultimately, though, I *STILL* was able to "sweet talk" the person, right? Because the person REACHED OUT and called me, gave me the opportunity to talk... but it does make it harder to call in and rep-shop... so perhaps in that, Chase's goal is fulfilled.



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Re: New Chase Recon Policy - No rep-shopping? (CSR app denied then approved)

OH and I did forget ONE datapoint:


Between when I called in for recon and the rep reviewed the card, I found myself in a Chase city (I am NOT in a chase market), and opened up business and personal checking accounts.  I did NOT think that would help TODAY, but figured it would help *at some point* in the future.  


That *might* have pushed the decision over the edge.



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Re: New Chase Recon Policy - No rep-shopping? (CSR app denied then approved)

Thank you for sharing your DP and congrats on your approval. Its good to know that Chase can still be pragmatic in their approval process.


You might want to post your approval in the Approval section.



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