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New to Credit! AA Platinum Select Approval Odds?

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New to Credit! AA Platinum Select Approval Odds?

Cross-posted from a Reddit post to r/CreditCards. 


  • Current cards:

    • Discover It, $1000 limit, March 2019

    • Deserve Edu, $300 limit, May 2019

    • Apple Card, $1000 limit, August 2019

  • FICO Score: 707 (TU via CK: 697) **Apple Card has not reported to credit bureaus yet**

  • Oldest account age: 6 months

  • Chase 5/24 status: 3/24

  • Income: $15,000 (student)

  • What's the purpose of your next card? Looking to travel and take advantage of a SuB to go free. American Airlines is the only carrier in my small city. I have other travel expenses and a laptop that would sustain the necessary spending to hit the SuB.

My question is: What are my approval odds of getting the Platinum Select card if I applied after my one year of credit history comes next march. I have 0% utilization (I pay off before statements post) and will be gardening until I can get this next card.



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Re: New to Credit! AA Platinum Select Approval Odds?

If this is a Citibank card, i would think a good chance if you have 1 year history. Having some ccs before hand like your Discover is a positive in my mind. Key is low hp count within last 6 months before applying anything Citi.
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Re: New to Credit! AA Platinum Select Approval Odds?

Have you checked the Citi Pre qual site for offers?

American Express: Platinum Charge, Optima, Business Gold
Barclays: Arrival+ WEMC
Capital One: Savor WMC, Venture VS
Chase: Freedom U VS, CSR VI
Citibank: AAdvantage Platinum WEMC
Elan/US Bank: Fidelity VS
Credit Union: Rewards Visa
FICO 08: (1.1.20) EX: 827 / EQ: 838 / TU: 833
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Re: New to Credit! AA Platinum Select Approval Odds?

Heck, in a year anything can happen! However, I believe you'll have best luck if your score is at least 725 at the time of the app.

So just maintain your current practice of responsible usage. I would also try utilizing AZEO 3-6 months before the app to maximize scoring.


I would also try to coax some CLI's from Dsicover in the meantime. You could likely request around 4 between now and then, unless you prefer AJC's method of every night after 6Smiley TongueM.

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Re: New to Credit! AA Platinum Select Approval Odds?

I wasn't exactly sure how often to request CLIs from Discover. I tried one probably a month back and got declined, but shortly after I got an automatic increase, which was nice and unexpected. I plan on trying one when my statement cuts later this month (which will be "6 months" after opening the card, and 6 months of credit history as well)


I'm not sure I know what you're saying when you mention "AZEO".

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Re: New to Credit! AA Platinum Select Approval Odds?

All zero except one - all balances zeroed out except on one card and keep it under 10% preferably under 8.9% as I understand it.

Starting Score: Jan 2011-600TU 598 EQ
Current Score: 795TU 800EQ 772EX
Goal Score: 800 and higher across the board

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Amazon Store Card 6k
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