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Nfcu.... Easiest card

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Nfcu.... Easiest card

I just became a member of nfcu what is the easiest card to get I have a 644 score and what types of limits have you seen given with that score
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Re: Nfcu.... Easiest card

I had an approval with a 635 equifax fico score and got 1700 but i had some baddies on the cash rewards card. Me personally i would apply for the best card i would get approved for. its either the gorewards or nrewards i believe but i think you would get a good limit with cash rewards but obviously you can make your own decisions. hope this helps

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Re: Nfcu.... Easiest card

When it comes to NFCU all their cards have similar if not the same UW criteria,maybe the Flagship is harder, not sure, but either way apply for the card that would benefit you and not the one that is perceived to be easier to get. Your overall profile will determine approval and your SL, so apply and don't sweat it, good luck. 

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Re: Nfcu.... Easiest card

Good luck!

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Re: Nfcu.... Easiest card

All are same except Flagship because of the $5k minimum.

I like the Go because of the higher tier rewards and the bonus offer right now being offered.

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Re: Nfcu.... Easiest card

I agree. When you look at the info of each card, it appears maybe the flagship is a bit tougher.

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Re: Nfcu.... Easiest card

What about the Green signature card? Easy to obtain?
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Re: Nfcu.... Easiest card

The green signature card would be the cash rewards. It's as easy as any of navy's cards, except flagship. If your approved with a SL of $5k or above it would be issued as a visa signature, otherwise it's a standard visa. The criteria for signature would be the same as flagship and aside from flagship you don't directly apply for a signature card.
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Re: Nfcu.... Easiest card

If you're referring to the cashRewards it's the same as the others except the flagshipRewards. If you get $5k+ it'll be a signature and if you can get $5k+ you can get a flagshipRewards but if you're asking what's easiest then your credit may have blemishes so just go for any of them except the flagshipRewards and see what happens. goRewards and cashRewards are great choices. When you get your scores up then the platinum is good for the low APR
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Re: Nfcu.... Easiest card


Agreed as others have said

All the same ...except Flagship ( which is only for above 5k level)


So if one is ASKING...I'd duck the Flagship....apply for what you'd LIKE the have and IF you're approved at the 5k level or above

it's a Siggy anyway....


So no harm no foul...but swing for the Flagship fence unless you're pretty SURE you're gonna get THAT one


That is again ONLY if you WANT that card


IMO it isn't my cup of tea ( I have a cashRewards @22k) and I would NOT trade it for the Flagship b/c I like 1.5% cash back on

everything that doesn't expire w/ zero AF =Simple


Flagship = $49 AF (No thanks)  points vs cash back (sorry I prefer CASH)  the 'best' Apr is 10.24 ( the worst of their cards) vs

the cashReward 9.9 or 9.74 for GO or 9.24 nRewards or even 8.74 for the Platinum (the best rate card)


Think about what floats your boat regarding points, rewards or cash then app up


Good back Smiley Wink

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