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Odds on Chase approval?

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Re: Odds on Chase approval?

Hi All,


Quick update: decided to pull the trigger on the CFU. Instant denial. Will get a letter 7-10 days from now. I'm not bummed about it, since I went 2 for 3 the past 6 weeks(AMEX BCE $1k and Discover it $7k). Don't know if I should recon?


Thanks for all your input and will head to the garden for at least 6 months. Happy hunting! 

P.S. Hard Pulls to Both EX and TU . I live in Puerto Rico.

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Re: Odds on Chase approval?

A lot depends on why you have a FICO 8 score of 698.   If you have a BK still reporting odds of approval for any Chase card would be close to nonexistent.


With basically no recent credit history reporting odds of a CSP approval would be quite long,  not as long for one of the Freedom cards but IMO still a long shot as Chase typically likes to see some recent history with another issuer first.  Being an AU isn't terribly meaningful because by definition you aren't the party responsible for payment on the card.


If you want a Visa you may have better odds with someone known to issue Visas to PR residents like Banco Popular de PR or a CU like PenFed which is straightforward to qualify for membership. 




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Re: Odds on Chase approval?

I've never had a BK. All I had on my CR's before this past june were student loans (all closed appearing with exceptional payment history) and

another car loan closed in 2016 that shows 26 late payments.


My  true FICO 8's are EX 707 and TU 665. The inquiries I have for EX are the AMEX on October and the Discover from last Monday. On my TU, there are 5 HP's from shopping for the car loans this past June. The only CC on either report is the one I appear  as an AU for TJ Maxx added last week (it has a $859 balance from a $1700 limit) so it shows a 51% UTI. The Amex hasn't reported yet. 

 I'm glad I apped for Discover before Chase though, because from what I keep reading Chase was  alongshot anyways, and maybe Discover would have denied me if they saw I applied for both Amex and Chase before them (and all in the span of 6 weeks)? I'm supposed to get my Discover card in the mail this Friday Smiley Happy 

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Got the Chase Denial Letter. Should I try recon?

Hi there!

So 10 days ago I apped for the Chase Unlimited card and got instant denial. I just got the letter and it says: 

"Our decision was based on the following reasons: Too many recent requests for credit or reviews of your credit"

It says they used Transunion, but I also got a HP on Experian. The letter says the scoring system used was Card Acquisition Risk Score V2, Score of 664.

I had 5 HP's on TU from Back in June (4 from autoloan shopping and 1 from an amazon store app from back in Jan 2019). Accounts wise, I have 9 total accounts (1 open: the autoloan I got in June with no missed payments and 8 closed). 1 of the closed is a previous car loan that shows 25 late payments but was paid off back in April 2016. 

My EX Fico 8 Score is 707 right now. I apped and got approved for a Discover IT $7k SL and an Amex BCE $1k SL on October 2nd and November 10th respectively, so those are the 2 HP's on my experian. The only CC I have in file is a TJ Maxx AU card. My actual FICO 8 Scores as per MY FICO are: 743 EQ, 665 TU, 707 EX.

My question is this: should I call and recon? Could I at this point? I don't need extra credit, but my particular situation is that I live in Puerto Rico and Amex and Discover (Discover even less) are not as widely accepted as VISA cards.


Thanks in advance for your input!





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Re: Got the Chase Denial Letter. Should I try recon?

There's no harm in trying. Some inquiries can be explained. You're under 5/24 accounts. Good luck!!

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Re: Got the Chase Denial Letter. Should I try recon?

I agree, no harm in trying...


Good luck!

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