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PSECU - Not Cool! Help? EDIT: Email says something else

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PSECU - Not Cool! Help? EDIT: Email says something else

So I did a round of apps after my car purchase last week. PSECU was one of the CU's I app'ed with. They hit me up asking for proof of income (I'm self employed). I called in after I was prompted for W2's and they asked me to email them my last two Tax Returns. So I went on TurboTax, downloaded them and sent them off. I didn't hear back, so I gave them a call today...


Her - "I'm showing your application was denied."

Me - "Umm, ok - does it say why?"

Her - "We asked for W2's and I'm showing they were not received"

Me - "Yes, I called in and was told to send my last two tax returns because I'm self employed"

Her - "OK, I do see we received them - unsigned"

Me - "What? What does that mean?"

Her - "You sent us unsigned copies of your tax return"

Me - "OK, I didn't know they had to be signed. I downloaded them from TurboTax and sent them off to you. Uh, what can I do to fix this? lol"

Her - "You will have to apply again"

Me - "..."


So, I'm now asked to app again after my credit took the hit from this app already? Anyone else have experiance with this type of situation and if so, what did you do? Can I just email off signed copies even though she said it was denied? Or should I just let it go? I don't really need the card, but I don't intend to app again for another 2 years to let my stuff age off. (And hit that 5/24 for Chase)


I'm not sure what to do from here. I do NOT want another HP. I'm pretty sure I'd be denied if they do it due to the sheer number of HP's this last week.


EDIT: Was just sent an email saying I was denied due to too many recent inquiries/accounts. OK FINE, but say that on the phone, not something completely different. Case closed.

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Re: PSECU - Not Cool! Help?

Sorry that this happened to you. They hit my wife with a HP before she submitted her application and they did not wait for proof of income before denying her (she was almost certain to be approved). These are known problems with PSECU. 


I would email the executive management and ask them to remove your HP. 

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Re: PSECU - Not Cool! Help?

@audioman00 wrote:

I would email the executive management and ask them to remove your HP. 

It's really not a big deal, just feel like I jumped through hoops for nothing, ya know? And her telling me I was denied because I didn't sign the tax return, only to get an email a few minutes later saying I was denied for too many inquiries? Had I gotten denied before jumping through hoops, I honestly wouldn't have cared.


For context, I apped for 6 cards the day after my car purchase and was approved for 4 - WF, Gesa, Amazon and Home Depot. PSECU was the last one that was still pending - and the 3rd (I think...) I app'ed for. Was hoping for a late approval from them, guess it wasn't in the cards. Smiley Wink


Honestly, I probably shouldn't have app'ed for it anyway. Especially after the Gesa approval. All told, I added ~40k to my limit in that go-round. I suppose I shouldn't be too upset. Smiley Happy


EDIT: Forgot to respond directly to the email for removal of the HP. So, considering I probably hit ~10-15 (I haven't checked exactly as the car loan had a few by itself) those three days between the car and cards, I'm going to be gardening until everything falls off anyway. Had I app'ed for PSECU without everything else, I would definitely be MUCH more upset and persue it more aggressively. I might still do it just for the principle, just don't feel like wasting more time on them tbh.

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Re: PSECU - Not Cool! Help?

Cant see how you argue a hp when you applied for credit. They seem to do the hp before you finish app thing. First time caught me off guard, second time i expected it. Curious were all your pulls from same bureau? PSECU might have seen a few apps in a row and grew concern. It happens to the best of us. Most days i get denied due to inqs but sometimes you slip through that reason Smiley Wink

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Re: PSECU - Not Cool! Help? EDIT: Email says something else

Aww man.....what a terrible experience.  Smiley Frustrated  That's the CU that has that "22" Founder card right?


Sorry you had to go through that....but on a positive note....Congrats on your new car and your 4 new cards!

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Re: PSECU - Not Cool! Help? EDIT: Email says something else

I just applied for a personal loan with then. I was filling out the app and was debating back and forth in my head if it’s what I really wanted to do and BAM hit me with Experian pull. It caught me off guard for sure. I mean I did get approved but something ain’t right about that part of it.
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Re: PSECU - Not Cool! Help? EDIT: Email says something else

Sorry that happen to you. At the least they should have allowed you to re-submit the returns.


But just a note to be aware of...any time you are asked to submit tax return they are going to want them signed. This would be true for banks, mortgage lenders etc.


It is as if you are attesting to the fact that you filed those returns with the IRS and is a hold over from the time that most people did not file electronically.



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