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PenFed Membership

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PenFed Membership

Hi, this morning I applied for PenFed membership and went pending until now. I got access to my membership account now and thinking of applying for a credit card and PLOC. not sure, If I can do both. should I app online or should I wait until tomorrow morning and call them? if I call them, do I have to let them know specifically to use same HP for other product? also, should I apply for both at the same time or wait for second one for a week or 2? if I am not wrong, for new member 2 products with 1 hp. please correct me if I am wrong and I am aware that they are not giving more than 10k to new members. my scores are in 740sh. 


please advise


thank you Smiley Wink

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Re: PenFed Membership

Just be aware that the application for the PLOC may constitute a separate HP from the CC application since it's an entirely different product altogether, but YEMV.

You can call them to submit both over the phone or via online.
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Re: PenFed Membership

My husband applied for membership on line and then a credit card the next day and then the PLOC about two months later.  The initial hard pull was used for all of them.  I'm sure of this because after the first day, his credit report went back to being frozen.

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Re: PenFed Membership and now PLOC approved...

so, today I called them and pulled the trigger for PLOC and got instant approval for $10,000 Smiley Happy 


how soon should I apply for a Cc or shall I give them some business first for couple of weeks/months and then apply for it? 'am afraid of not using the same HP if I exceed the time limit of 30 to 60 days. even I am not sure about how many days..


Thank you @FinsStar & @Nayola Smiley Happy without you guys help wouldn't be possible!



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Re: PenFed Membership and now PLOC approved...

Anytime OP.

I'd say if you are still interested in one of their CCs, and while the iron is hot, go ahead and apply. I would call them and let them know about your recent PLOC application/approval to see whether that same HP may be reused.
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Re: PenFed Membership and now PLOC approved...

ok, will call them tomorrow in the morning and will keep you posted,

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Re: PenFed Membership and now PLOC approved...

Definitely keep us updated.  Oh, and congratulations.

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Re: PenFed Membership

Congrats OP!

So were you able to app for a CC today yet?

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Re: PenFed Membership

Just now I got off from the phone with CSR.I asked him if I can use the same inquiry for this Cc and he said he can try... I applied for PenFed promise but it went to LO for further review and it's going to take upto 24hrs to make a decision.
What do you guys think what will happen?
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Re: PenFed Membership

It could go in either direction OP. Once the LO makes the final decision, you'll see the application status updated online. So, keep checking that periodically.

As far as the HP, if you don't see one in the next several days then it appears they used the previous one on file.

Let us know how it turns out.
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