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Penfed chances

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Re: Penfed chances

Not too much to add except, I have a $4K PenFed Power Cash Rewards Card. Took a quick look at it and it is not a Visa Signature. It is regular Visa. 

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Re: Penfed chances

If you get a PCR’s Card with a limit of at least 5K you get the signature version. Less than that you get the platinum version. The platinum will never be upgraded to the signature version even if your limit increases to 5K. I have one of each flavor.
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Penfed Pathfinder chances

In the past I accidentally burned Amex. Now that I am back on track I have been looking at the cards Penfend has to offer and I am kinda interrested in the Pathfinder card which uses the Amex network. Will my past with Amex keep me from getting the Pathfinder?
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Re: Penfed Pathfinder chances

No, the Pathfinder card just uses the AMEX network to process transactions that's it. Penfed will be the financial institution you'll be dealing with as far as seeking an approval.

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Re: Penfed Pathfinder chances

I burned Amex and got a Propel Amex card.


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Re: Penfed Pathfinder chances

Nope, I burned amex in bk and took me 2 yrs post bk to receive my first product with penfed. Always put your real salary cuz they can request POI. 

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