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Penfed still only pulls Equifax?

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Re: Confused about Penfed - CC/Membership/Auto

While some have been handed the dirty end of the stick by Penfed there are an equal amount that havent...and with better AND worse credit positions. I started my relationship with Penfed April 2018 with an EQ HP for membership and another EQ HP for a CC. I got the max 10k for new members with an EQ Bankcard 9 score of about 720. My overall UTIL has hovered around 15% across all accounts since then. They offered me a CLI on the site at the 10 month mark and bumped my card up to 14.2k. Just a few weeks ago (so 14 months into a relationship) I appd for a new CC and got 15k with an EQ Bankcard 9 score of 752. Lots of INQ, about 9/24 and 5/12 for new accts. Credit unions truly are strange birds.

Starting scores: 5/15 - EQ: 546 | TU: 580 | EX: 554
Current scores: 2/19 - EQ: 754 | TU: 750 | EX: 746
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