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Pentagon Federal Credit Union Data Share

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Re: Pentagon Federal Credit Union Data Share

In April it had been 6 months since I opened my PenFed Gold Visa with 7.5k SL.  I applied for a CLI and was denied.  Hopefully these DP's will be helpful for someone:


EQ 08 Fico: 743
EQ 09: 716 (25 point increase since initial approval)

Instant or Review?: Instant


Derogs?: None

Util: 25%

Total EQ Inquiries: 2 (both from PenFed)

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Re: Pentagon Federal Credit Union Data Share

Hi all,


In an effort to reduce clutter in threads that continuously run it has been decided that they will be closed (in an orderly fashion) and if you the users wish to have them continue they can be restarted with current info. It's not really fair to anyone to slog through one that has thousands of replies and the initial post be full of incorrect info as the OP is no longer here to update it with changing information.  With this in mind, this thread on PenFed Data Share will be closed at the end of this month, if anyone is interested in creating and maintaining it please PM one of the active moderators. Thanks to all of you who have contributed to this thread over the years.

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