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Planning my 2-4 next apps - Elan, Chase

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Re: Planning my 2-4 next apps - Elan, Chase

@Swatch wrote:

Also, I am under the impression that some banks will discount the higher number of INQs if they see that they are business-related (PG).


I'll probably have to wait at least 6 months after Elan for Chase. Or vice versa. That's ok.


No, this is an inaccurate assessment. Inquiries are inquiries regardless of the source -- whether there's a PG or not.


In other words, whether you apply for a business credit product that results in a HP on your personal CRs or apply for a any consumer product will be weighed no differently.  There is no 'discounting'. Every lender has their own distinctive UW criteria so AI and algorithms are going to be the deciding factor.

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