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Prequals finally coming in! - Decision time!

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Prequals finally coming in! - Decision time!

Hey all it has been a long rebuild journey, but after about 7 years in the gutter the prequals have started finally!


So, could use some assistance on decisions!


The fiance and I have some big travel spend to do, with 10k in the bank to pay off our wedding. We have the cash for this all but have been wanting to put it on a card. I was hoping for the Amex platinum, but doesn't seem like they want to give that to me yet.


I do however have....


Offers showing up on Chase for:

Marriot Boundless - which is my favorite hotel chain

United Credit Card - dont normally fly with them

Southwest Card - dont normally fly here either (but am in San Diego, and we could probably get companion pass if they still do it)


Amex Gold - has me as prequalified (my biggest normal spend is food/groceries)

Delta Gold - This is the airline I normally fly


We do not have to have everything paid until first week of Oct. So I could sit a bit and see if I get something better but I did WANT a Gold and Marriot card eventually, as I feel like those are good use for me. But I know that would ass me out of other chase cards.


Thoughts and suggestions! Im pretty pumped as this is now officially game on!

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Re: Prequals finally coming in! - Decision time!

It's nice to get them finally but, ultimately I say apply for the card you WANT and not the one presented on a silver platter.


Gold actually earns better than Platinum from what people mention around here.  The perks with Platinum though are nice to have with elevated status with programs like hotels.


Locking into a hotel/airline card doesn't make sense usually when you have a better earn rate / bonus with CSR w/ Chase.


If Gold caps out too low then pick up an Uber Visa for 4% uncapped on top of it.


Just make sure you're thinking long term and not just enticed by the bonuses and pre-approvals. If you're pre-approved for one then you're usually able to get the one you want with the same lender.


Dig into the perks for the hotel benetits that are inclusive of the AF to avoid getting trapped in a card that only earns higher points when spent on property expenses and not general spend.

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Re: Prequals finally coming in! - Decision time!

Ya that is currently my initial thought as well.


I never had tons of interest in the CSR because I WANT the Platinum card for airlines/travel. So it was why I was a bit more interested in the boundless offer, since that is Chase 5/24 and its where my fiance and I stay when we go on day trips up the coast.


Definitely not instantly pulling the trigger, as even though I have a 75k point offer on the chase one right now I dont think it will go away in the next month so figure I have some time to sit on it.



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Re: Prequals finally coming in! - Decision time!

75K seems to be the going bribe right now for both.


Pricing is about the same.


Chase CSR has some upfront cost reductions in comparison the Platinum.


I think if you're going to burn a 5/24 slot it's worthwhile to dig deeper into CSR vs a brand specific card.  If you're willing to churn it for the points and nothing else it might be worthwhile but, once you're in it's hard to navigate to a core product.  UR's are a lot more flexible than hotel points and when you get a bump in value for transfering them into a specific program it makes more sense.  Otherwise you earn what...10X on hotel prop's and 1X on everything else?


I've thought about some of the cards you mentioned and have to keep talking myself out of the SUB trap that's all so tempting to fall for.

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Re: Prequals finally coming in! - Decision time!

If you travel a lot, I would go for the AMEX Platinum.  Although the AF is high, the benefits tend to compensate for it.  I have had it for a couple of years and been able to take advantage of the benefits including the Centurion Lounge (which works for me since I fly out of Vegas).  Also, I recently booked a five star hotel in South Florida for December through the AMEX travel (the Hotel Collection).  The rates were comperable to those on the hotel web site, however, by booking through AMEX using the Platinum Card, I was able to have the fourth night free.  


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Re: Prequals finally coming in! - Decision time!

Ya I am holding out for the Platinum for another month+ for sure... As close as I can put an approval, getting the card and then paying the rest of wedding fees on it. As this would be the best bang for the buck. 


If it falls short I will pull the trigger probably on a Chase slot + Amex Gold, as I feel I will get the most value out of gold and use a Chase slot just because I couldnt use it after I would get value out of that card off the free night alone will save me 300 a year.

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Re: Prequals finally coming in! - Decision time!

The only exception with Platinum is the offer seems to waver between 50-60K and is 75K right now but, if you saw 100K then I would say grab it while you can.  You only get 1 shot at the bonus w/o having to open a brokerage w/ Schwab for a 2nd chance at it with their version of the card.  You used to be able to have a 3rd option with the MBenz version as well.



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Re: Prequals finally coming in! - Decision time!

Ya on Amex I see offer for Gold and Delta Gold and BCE.


No Platinum love.

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Re: Prequals finally coming in! - Decision time!


I don't want to burst your bubble but I feel you should know that prequals are totally different from preapprovals. The latter is a stronger indicator of approval, but still not a guarantee of approval. I just don't want you racking up inqs or even denials if your chances are slim.

So if you provide us with your DP, especially 3 FICO scores, we can provide more concrete advice on your approval odds.
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Re: Prequals finally coming in! - Decision time!

Just because it's not there doesn't mean you're not pre-approved for it.  If you scroll down there should be a section of "all cards" or just go direct to the application like you would for the higher SUB in incognito mode.

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