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Question about Bank of Americard

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Question about Bank of Americard

I applied for all of the BT transfer cards that I would resonably be accepted for and some that I didn't expect to be accepted for. I think I went 6 for 8. Only 4 of the 6 we're BT cards, the others were just for limit to lower utilization. Ironically, the only one that I am SURE that I got denied for was a Venmo Card that I was "Pre-approved" for. Really pissed me off as I didnt even want the card, just figured I'd take the limit as I was pre approved, not pre-qualified.




The other one that is still up in the air is a BOA card that said I was declined nearly immediately, but then they sent me a letter asking for a pay stub and an ssa 89 form, which I took as, at least, not a bad sign. 


Any idea on that one? If I get it, I will be able to 100% transfer all of my balances. If not, I got close lol.


Score was around 730 or so when I applied on all three bureaus. Only real issue was balances of other cards as my utilization WAS 32% at the time of application.


TIA. Long time reader of the forums. So many great people and great advice on here. Finally decided to jump in and ask questions and contribute as well. I have many cards and will update my profile and such when I have time.


Small "My Life" story for those who care...


We, as a family are working out way out of CC debt, while simultaneously paying for 1 kid to play on 3 travel, competitive soccer teams, and 2 kids to be on travelling competitive cheer teams. We just started making real money ( Not a ton..around 150k combined) so we are digging out of holes and into others lol. I invest about 30 % of my income as well which makes it tough to accomplish everything I need to. Trying to keep the interest on the CCs at 0 and keep paying them down piece by piece, bonus by bonus, tax return by tax return, until I get them all to zero. We've cut out basically all unnecessary spending. It's just food and sports. But if you're familiar with competitive cheer and travel soccer (especially 3 different teams) you know that this is very $$$.


So anyway. Thanks for all the thoughtful responses that I know will come from my experience reading this forum. All constructive advice is appreciated and welcomed!


(Apologies for any spelling and grammar errors. Quickly typed this up on my phone).

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Re: Question about Bank of Americard

While I can't say for certain what the outcome will be and agree that asking for more info is may want to try calling one of the back door numbers to see if they received what you sent...assuming it's been enough time...and see what they say. It is odd that you received that request after a decline.  Guessing the decline was immediate or via email right after you applied?


I've had to call before when a CLI Approval was pending and they asked some questions, very courteous and helpful and ultimately my CLI was approved, and 3 subsequent ones as well in the following months. I'm sure there are other numbers in the Back Door Number Thread, but I have used 800-261-2986. 

Good luck!

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Re: Question about Bank of Americard

I believe the denial was immediate, although when I check the application status (or at least the last time I did) it said I applied on Sept 30 and was Denied on Oct 1.  I believe it was instant however, because I don't recall receiving it I'm an email and can't find an email when I search my inboxes.


The letter came in the mail days later asking for the extra information. You would think I may get a 7-10 day message or something, so I thought it was quite odd. I did call and inquire, but that was likely before the received my information. The person I spoke to really had no idea what I was talking about, just told me to check the status online, which of course, I had already done. 

Once I further explained, she just told me to wait for another letter.

I will try the number that you gave and see what I can dig up. Thanks for your response.

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Re: Question about Bank of Americard

After calling the number you provided, I have some semi-good news to report.


I was told that regardless of what the application status tool says, my application was NOT denied and that they still haven't received / had time to process the information that they asked for due to COVID-19 and slower than usual delivery times from the postal service.


They said that it could take up to 30 days from the time they receive my information in the mail for them to make a final decision. I am supposed to receive an email and/or a regular mail piece when the decision is made. So 🤞 there is still hope if going 7/8. 

Thank you for your response and that number. Took no more than 5 minutes to clear up the confusion once I was connected. 

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