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RBFCU/Alliant approval range?

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RBFCU/Alliant approval range?

Hi All, 


Just opened up membership with RBFCU/Alliant hoping to get their CCs at some point.  I am recovering from Ch7, been a year and scores hovering around 650ish on the 3 main bureaus.  Not in any hurry on applying, just wondering if anyone current members have experience/data points on scores they got approved for and how long would you wait before appling with a Ch7?


As always, thanks!


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Re: RBFCU/Alliant approval range?

I was denied both RBFCU via TU 702 with 30+ inquiries tho

Alliant denied as well, they pulled EQ at 649 about 40+

Only other Credit Union I applied in that time was NFCU approved for $10k Flag after having secured 2 months.

Approved ETFCU for prime plus $5k . they pulled TU. I applied same day as RBFCU.

Not sure if any helps since I have high inquiries and new accounts but figure I share.
Started in Feb 2017 @ 503 (not sure which CRA, just my score from a car loan)
(1/03/18) Fico 8 EQ 649, EX 633, TU 702

Heavy Use:
PenFed Auto Loan (Refinancing to ETFCU)
NFCU CLOC $15k - NFCU Flagship Visa $10k
ETFCU Prime Plus MC $5k - DiscoverIT $2.2k

Moderate Use:
JC Penny SC $6k - Wayfair SC $4.5k
Walmart SC $3K - Zales SC $1.75K
Amex Hilton Honors $1k

Seldom Use:
Cap One QS1 $1.55k - Belk SC $1.5k
Merrick Bank $1.4k - Amex Delta Blue $1k
USAA Classic Amex $0.5K - CareCare $0.5K
PayPal MC $0.3K

Business Accounts:
Amazon Corporate $4.5k - Fuelman Fleet $1.2k
BP Business Solutions $1.2k - Staples $1k
Office Depot $1k - Quill $0.1k - Uline $0.1k

On Chopping Block:
Mattress Firm SC $1.5k - Finger Hut 1K - Target $0.3k

Too many R.I.P. cards to list!!! Some from personal closure, some from AA :/
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Re: RBFCU/Alliant approval range?

I am still in the 640 range, sitting on 10 inquiries on TU/EX and 6 on EQ so letting things marinate before I even try for anything else... thought mine was very high Smiley Happy   Maybe if I ever hit 720 again (my highest before my fiasco in 2017) I will give it a go.  


Any others?

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