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Sheetz Visa Card - anyone have one?

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Sheetz Visa Card - anyone have one?

Anyone on here have the Sheetz Visa card or the Sheetz Personal credit card (can only be used at Sheetz)?


I have really been thinking of app'ing for this. There are Sheetz all over the place where I live currently. All gas fill-ups are done at Sheetz. I drive thru their car wash a few times a month. Buy food once or twice a month, and stop in when I need windshield wiper fluid etc. They offer $.05 off per gallon, that can be used in conjunction with their rewards card (I already have) for a total of $0.08 per gallon. They also are partnered with the local grocery store I go to, so I'll get even more off per gallon. The savings can add up quickly here. For any Sheetz in-store purchases it's 5 points per $1 spent, can redeem for Sheetz gift cards, other rewards, cash back, etc. With personal version every 1000 points earned, you will receive $10 Sheetz gift card. Doesn't sound too terrible for me. Does anyone know if the carwash is included in the 5 points promotion?


I think this would be a great card for me to have, and could get some good use out of it. I have done the math on my most recent Sheetz purchases, and would have saved money by using this card. Only problem is, don't know if I should apply for it now or wait a few months until September/November.


My last app was in March for a Chase card (and was denied). I have 9 recent inquiries (TU). 3 of which were rejections (the Chase card in March, and 2 were for auto loans a year ago). In September 3 inquiries should fall off my report. My credit scores are showing as being in the 750s. Do I have a shot at this card or should I wait a few months then apply?

Scores & AAoA (9/2017): AAoA: 43 months | Capital One - 752 | Discover - 788
My Wallet: PNC CashBuilder $5000 (AU) | Sears Card $4250 | Macy's $600 | JCP $1000 | Sears MC $2001 | Victoria's Secret $1000 | Commence $5000 | QuickSilver $3000 | Discover IT Chrome for Students $8500 | Chase Freedom $7000 | Sheetz $6000
Last App: July, 2016
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Re: Sheetz Visa Card - anyone have one?

SHEET, i i say go for it Smiley Happy. If its a card you really want , can use and brings value to your everyday needs, why not. Sounds like you would benefit so in my humble opinion its worth a shotSmiley Happy good luck!!
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Re: Sheetz Visa Card - anyone have one?

No señor, I no have the Sheetz.

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Re: Sheetz Visa Card - anyone have one?

Sheetz cards are issued through First Bankcard (FNBO) who is usually a conservative lender and usually does manual reviews for apps. What was Chase's reason for denial?  Depending on the reason (if you want to tell) would give those who know more info to work with to give you a better answer.

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Re: Sheetz Visa Card - anyone have one?

OP, while I do not have the card I have read pleanty on here about it. If you do a search for the card on here you will find pleanty of information.

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Re: Sheetz Visa Card - anyone have one?

Hiya, I got the Sheetz Visa recently and just used it at Sheetz yesterday, the $0.08 off gas was nice Smiley Happy I looked at the rewards redemption page and it doesn't seem really like 1 pt = 1c since a $25 gift card is generally 3,000 points, and when it comes to redemption as statement credit it's 3,500 points for $25, but it scales into the favor of waiting to accumulate points to redeem for the max $250 as that's then 26,000 points (and not 35,000 points).


Anyhow, I think you should be approved with your scores, I got the Visa with my score around 740 (FNBO pulled EX for me) with a limit of $3500, my util was around 21% at the time if I recall.

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