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Should I Apply For Best Buy Visa?

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Re: Should I Apply For Best Buy Visa?

I agree with you @AverageJoesCredit, there's more to the Best Buy Visa than others are sharing here.  Sure, it's a store card and doesn't offer a huge sub.  But if you're a person like me, I looked beyond that.  While you can get a major with a sub from another lender, how many of them are going to routinely offer you 0% for often many months at a time?  In my experience, not very many.  


I have a major from just about every lender that's mentioned on this here forum and I have the Best Buy Visa as well.  Almost every electronic in my home has been purchased on that card...with the payments spread between 1-2 years...interest free.  From the iMac, MacPro, iPad's Macbooks, televisions, entertainment centers, and the constant cycling of the iPhone...all 1-2 years, interest free.  


I know there are majors that offer interest free for a specific term but very few of them offer it as much as my Best Buy Visa.


Now, if you know that you're not going to do much shopping inside Best Buy then I'd agree with the crowd to find a better option in card choice but if you frequent the place and know you'll spend a good amount there, don't let the voices of others drown out that of your own.  


Do your homework and make the best decision for YOU!  

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Re: Should I Apply For Best Buy Visa?

Agreed @LoquatSmiley Happy

Honestly, if i made more money id love to take advantage of Best Buy deals. Plus they do offer rotating category spend. I recently got offer spend $300 outside of BestBuy get $15 and there are always neat things to get. Just dont mess with the Apr lolSmiley Wink
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Re: Should I Apply For Best Buy Visa?

The Best Buy credit card is a great card as you can finance every purchase over $200. I am currently financing two small purchases that I can pay off at any given day, but why not use what the card was intended for? This is also the card I use to pay for gas at Costco as it offers 3x points. I know there are better cards out there, but I am a simple kinda guy Smiley Happy. Best Buy is offering 3x points on airfaire and ground travel right now. BTW the only thing I am not a fan of is the new Best Buy logo Smiley LOL

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Re: Should I Apply For Best Buy Visa?

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