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Should i apply for a second navy federal card?

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Should i apply for a second navy federal card?

so i've had my first navy federal secured card for 3 months now. Only got a 200$ spending limit to get in the door. when i got the card my credit score was around 560 and now its around 650. Other things on my account are a discover it secured card ive had for roughly 4 months and a capital one unsecured card with a 400$ limit thats about to graduate to a 500$ limit in may. 


As for baddies i have some late payments about 2 years ago and I have a studen loan in collections that im doing the forgiveness program on and the loan will be out of collections around june. 


just wondering when i should apply for a second card and if i should wait untill my first one graduates? Also how many cards can i have with navy federal?

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Re: Should i apply for a second navy federal card?

I'm thinking that your approval chances and SL will be higher if you wait until it graduates, but I am sure someone else who has experience with NFCU will chime in...
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Re: Should i apply for a second navy federal card?

While its not unheard of to get huge limits from them right at 91/3, I would try holding off till the 6 month mark. It seems there has been lots of success with that lately.

Check out the Navy-Federal-Thread-for-CLI-and-Additional-Cards if you haven't already.

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Re: Should i apply for a second navy federal card?

I concur. 


There are DPs to support both 91/3 as well as the 6 month time frames. To be sure and to optimize your application I would wait the full 6. But if I were in your shoes I would want to app now lol I lack patience! There are numerous posts about people in this situation when they get approved with a decent limit while holding a secured from Navy.


As long as you have a solid history since you opened up your secured card with Navy you have been building an internal score with them and like the previous poster suggests waiting until month 6...and top of that your card unsecuring would be optimal for best results.


Just my 2 cents... Good luck!



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Re: Should i apply for a second navy federal card?

I missed that 2nd question.

You can have 3 personal cards with NFCU.
Not sure if the business one counts but its nothing special anyways.

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Re: Should i apply for a second navy federal card?

I can actually add a little to your question. I am also in the situation of a defaulted student loan. I finish rehabilitation on 30 April (very exciting!). I opened a navy federal account at the beginning of the year because I heard it was great for rebuilders and all I had in my possession was a target card with an $800 limit and a capital one platinum card with a $500 limit. I’ve been actively trying to rebuild my credit since Aug 2018 thanks to two different cancer diagnoses, and my score has gone up from a 488 to a 627 since then. Anyways, I was too scared initially to apply for an unsecured card, so I put $300 into a new Navy Federal secured card. For some reason, a few days later, I worked up the courage to apply for a Navy Federal GoRewards card just to see what would happen, and to my surprise, I was approved for a SL of $20,000. I have an income of about $116,000 and no CC debt, but I do have a couple of previous charge offs and the student loan default from when I was sick.

I’ve put about $8,000 through this card in a few months (and paid in full), so when day day 91 rolls around, I plan to apply for my third Navy Federal card and then close the secured card because I don’t need it anymore. I haven’t really used the secured card at all, and I don’t see a need to keep it.

Either way, I just wanted to tell you that Navy Federal has been a lifesaver for me. It feels nice to be given a chance. To be honest, Navy Federal seems to be more interested in DTI than they do a few mess ups. I would say keep your utilization very low, only charge what you can afford to pay back, and just keep chugging along. The student loan default won’t preclude you from getting a credit card. I hope to get another $20,000 or so limit AMEX card with Navy Federal and apply for a CLI on my current GoRewards card. After that, I won’t really have a need to apply for other cards for a while. Forty five grand should be enough for emergencies. :-)

Good luck with your journey! I think doing business with Navy Fed will definitely pay off for you!
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