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Southwest Airlines Chase Card

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Re: Southwest Airlines Chase Card

@TXHORNS wrote:
Where can I go to get my Experian score? Credit Karma only does TU and Equifax

Those are vantagescore 3 scores. They are not FICO scores. They are for educational purposes mostly. You need your FICO scores. You can get a free Experian FICO 8 score with Discover’s scorecard. Free to sign up for. At least you’ll get a real FICO score from that. You can also go to credit check total and sign up for their $1 free 7 day trial and cancel via email right away to not pay $30 a month.

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Re: Southwest Airlines Chase Card

@TXHORNS wrote:
Ok. Bummer. Given my stats currently. Is there another rewards card that I have good approval odds?

I don't mean to be mean, but you may have only had one late, but it was still a late in their eyes. And, they don't like lates - sometimes with Chase it can be hard enough to get an approval with a perfect history.


You have a CapOne card. Which one? Have you tried their prequals for a QS? It;s a 1.5% card, which isnt horrible..

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Re: Southwest Airlines Chase Card

No I know the late payment hurts. I appreciate this forum. I have a Capone Platinum Mastercard and i’ve Had that for 5 plus years. What do you mean by QS?
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Re: Southwest Airlines Chase Card

So my actual FICO score could be higher than what CK has? How can I get my true FICO score?
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Re: Southwest Airlines Chase Card

Cause when i’ve Read the Southwest Airlines Chase Card it has said a typical low score is 674 and 608 is the bottom of the range. So I had been (prior to tonight being on this forum) hopeful that I could be approved for this card.
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Re: Southwest Airlines Chase Card

Ok I have another question. If I was to apply this week I would have about a 45% UR but if I want till next week I can pay off my cards in full but I don’t believe it will show up that they are paid until at the end of Feb so with that being said would chase be able to see the current balance on them and see they are paid off with a 0 Balance? Or would Chase not being able to see they have a zero balance till the end of Feb? Idk. I just thought i’d Ask...
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Re: Southwest Airlines Chase Card

As has been pointed out in the previous pages numerous times, yes your actual score could be higher or lower than what you see on credit karma. The score you see there is meaningless. Others have suggested a few times to go to to get an actual fico credit score.

Pay off your balances and wait for them to report. You can see when they report on credit karma. No Chase won't be able to see that you paid off your balance instantly, only once it gets reported.
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Re: Southwest Airlines Chase Card

Goto CCT(credit check total) and pay $1 for a 7 day trial membership and cancel before the membership and they will give your TRUE Fico 08 Scores for Exp/Eq and TU..  Hope this helps.


Or if you prefer to pay 60 you can get the scores from this site plus many more models of each score, but for the purpose of getting your basic 08 Ficos CCT for trial membership it the way to go.. Google will be your friend.

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Re: Southwest Airlines Chase Card

Chase would see it only after your lender reported it. So if they have already reported for January and they’re not a lender that reports mid-cycle or after a payment, then it wouldn't be updated until February.

If that’s the case, I’d advise to wait for the best possible results.

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Re: Southwest Airlines Chase Card

You might be able to upgrade your Cap1 Platinum card to a QuickSilver (QS). <any people have had instant success at the following link - that includes me:


It's still your old card - you keep the account history, and it still says "Platinum" on your statement. But you get the benefits of the QuickSilver.


If you're offered, make sure it's the no-fee QuickSilver, and not the $39 AF QS1.

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