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Sportsman Guide Visa. Prescreened acceptance link?

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Re: Sportsman Guide Visa. Prescreened acceptance link?

@ChargedUp wrote:

Found this link on a Google search. Is this a SP app link for SG Visa?


It only asks for DOB, last 4 and income.  Strange that I'm not seeing it ask for any other info?


I'm in the garden, otherwise I might follow this to see where it leads.

Okay this is weird, I clicked the link provided and it had my address, phone and email already populated.  It also stated that this was for the rewards club visa vs the store card.  How did they have this info just from me clicking the link?  Should I go on and provide the info and see what happpens?

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Re: Sportsman Guide Visa. Prescreened acceptance link?

@CaptainJ wrote:

Thanks for that data point, it's great news!  I believe it contradicts what Ive read in some past posts.  It's great to know the Sportmans Guide Visa is still available via SCT!  I highly recommend it for those in a rebuild, and even those who aren't.  

I am a rarity. More than likely you WILL get a HP.

Too many posters have attested to that.

Good Luck!

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