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TD Ameritrade Client Rewards VIsa chances

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TD Ameritrade Client Rewards VIsa chances

Hi Everyone, 

After a spree in 2018, I had planned to apply for this card later in the year, but received a "pre-selected" mailer today.  Not sure I want to waste an Exp HP if not approved.  My Exp FICO 8 went down to 764 due to returning and leasing a new car in November, although it didn't show until December.  In the past 6 months I have 6 HP on Exp (both the dealer and ACF for the car lease) with 2 new cc's and a loc.   What are my chances?  


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Re: TD Ameritrade Client Rewards VIsa chances

TD Bank seems to be somewhat conservative with their core cards, so if you have a decent amount of inquiries or accounts in the past 6-12 months, it may not yield as fruitful. Or, if approved, expect a very low SL.

Pre-selected invitations are not necessarily pre-qualified offers, they're simply marketing to spruce up segmentation.
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