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Taking a PenFed closure and CLD for the team, worth it?

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Taking a PenFed closure and CLD for the team, worth it?

Currently have a Penfed PCR at $36.2k and a Plat Rewards at $12k (total of $48.2k which is $1800 from PenFed's cap of $50k). Quite a while back, I accepted the one and only offer I've ever received which was a CLI on the PCR to it's current limit. Since then, I've SD'd the Plat Rewards and would like to open up the possibility of receiving offers again.


If I was to close the Plat Rewards and take a CLD on the PCR down to $35k, would this open up the possibility of getting a $15k Pathfinder offer? Either that or I guess I could just take an EQ pull and just apply for it. Bummer that Penfed doesn't do PC's, otherwise the Pathfinder would be a nice-to-have with the sub, AF waived (honors advantage), and an annual $100 airline credit that works with United Travel Bank.


Any thoughts appreciated!

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