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Target Card Denial? Got 7-10 day message "My Story"


Target Card Denial? Got 7-10 day message "My Story"

So I should have went to the garden and built up my profile, but apparently I couldn't help myself after riding the approvals I got recently. So Target put the brakes on that, and I received the 7-10 day dreaded message.

Anyone ever get the Target card after a 7-10 day message?

A little recent history on me (if you need more info).

My scores are far from great and I've been rebuilding since Feb 2016. I started my journey back with scores like 499 after the bubble burst for me in 2008 - 2010 and lost all my cards. Spent the last 7 yrs in credit hell. No BK's though.

I'm now sitting at Fico 8 scores of TU 619, EQ 623, EX 618. These were a little higher in the low 630's but dropped some from inquiries and utilization usage.

I took care of all baddies and have 0 collections, I also took care of 1 public record and now have 0. I also currently have a 100% payment history for the last 18 months. All my current credit profiles are 100% with no negative marks.

I recently got the Cap1 QS1 $500 SL, and Walmart card with $750 SL. I have 8 INQ on TU with 3 of those recent from approvals (now 4 recent with Target TU pull). I also bought a new Car in Dec 2016 through Cap1 Auto Financial at a decent rate (for me) 6.99%.

Current cards (32% utilization overall) I have a lot of store cards that helped rebuild from 499, eventually I will clean house when my AAoA & scores improve. Then I can concentrate on better Visa/MC/Amex instead.

Cap1 Platinum M/C $500
Cap1 QS1 M/C $500
Fingerhut $900
Gettington $600
Walmart $750
Overstock $250
HSN $750
Victoria's Secret $500
Buckle $250
Brylane Home $250
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Re: Target Card Denial? Got 7-10 day message "My Story"

7-10 is t a denial I got that message and they called a week later to confirm some info and card came a few days later. Never assume a denial Smiley Wink
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Re: Target Card Denial? Got 7-10 day message "My Story"

Getting more store cards isn't going to help long term.

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Re: Target Card Denial? Got 7-10 day message "My Story"

I definitely agree with that. The only reason I wanted a couple store cards are for cashback like Walmart with gas @ Sams Club (I couldn't currently qualify for the Sams M/C for the 5%). I'm basically using it for the 2% gas because it's better than the 1.5% of my Cap1 QS1 card, which I only use for my bills up to limit and then PIF for the next round. I also use it for the 3% on their website.

Target for the 5% and special financing on certain purchases. With the 2 Cap1 cards I currently have I can't get any special financing on larger purchases such as 6 months, 12 months, etc.

I plan on getting rid of all my store cards except Walmart (until I eventually get Sams M/C), then I'm gonna sock drawer it. As well as Target (but got 7/10 day).. And might possibly keep HSN because they also have special financing on large purchases up to 18 months 0% apr.

Things like Fingerhut, etc etc those are all gone little by little eventually once AAoA grows and score. I dont like store cards for my end game but they definitely have their place in my profile of growth for now. I've went from 499 to low 630's since Feb 2016 when I started back with unsecured Cap1 Plat credit builder @ $100 SL which went to $500, followed by the store cards then QS1.
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Re: Target Card Denial? Got 7-10 day message "My Story"

Hope you hear back... Where did you read that Target offers special financing? As far as I know they do not it was no where in my terms and conditions or welcome packet, is it something new?

Your Wal-Mart card could grow into a MasterCard FWIW.... As well as Target...

My store cards in my siggy will most likely be with me for the long hall as I use them at least monthly most of them weekly...
AAOA 15 months Fico 08's 714 717 678 11% Utilization
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