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The Definitive Amex 3X CLI Guide

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Amex CLI

Hi there,


I was wondering if someone could confirm something for me.

Will applying and being approved for a chard card reset the 3x CLI timer?

Or will the timer stay the same.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Amex CLI


Chard Card? I haven't heard that term before, but I can tell you that after you receive your first ever Amex card, that card or any new card after  is elegible fo the 61 day CLI.  Doesn't matter which card you ask for the CLI.  As long as it's at least 61 days after you have been approved for your first card in the Amex family.  After that, you are eleigible again, for any of their cards you hold 181 days after fir st CLI, and thereafter. That is how it has worked for me, but nothing is truly a guarantee Smiley Wink   Thanks.



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Re: Amex CLI

I requested a CLI on my Amex.  I was eligible last month but was carrying a balance so I waited until I paid my statement balance. I know I left some on the table probably because it auto approved my request to 48k.  My limit just prior to this increase was 32k.  The limit on this card has grown exponentially. It started out at 2k in May 2017 and then went to 18k, 32k, and finally at 48k.  I’m so glad I didn’t close the card back when I saw my original SL.  


Data points: Total UTI across all credit cards: 8%, six figure income, no derogs, and FICO scores all above 800. 








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Re: Amex CLI

I didn’t know American Express only allows one credit increase if you have two cards with them
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Re: Amex CLI

3x success - had to request a manual review to get it


My Ch13 fell off a month ago from Experian, the score went from 675 to 775.

I waited for my score to update on the Amex website, which it did about 3 days after my statement cut.


So I requested a 3x cli, 5k to 15k.

I got the 7-10 day message, that wen to finalized pretty quick.


I gave it a day and called in, and was told because there was a BK on my report, they will not grant a CLI.


I asked what pull they used (it's Dec 27th) and the csr said the pull from Nov 24th... Um... 


I explained there was no BK on my report and that i'd like a manual review, but did NOT authorize a HP.


She happily obliged and said to give it 24 hours.


I checked this AM and now have a CL of 15k!!!



I'll wait 6-7 months and ask for 30k Smiley Happy 



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Re: Amex CLI

I got an extra $7000 bump in December. My $50k salary might start to limit my bumps from now on i think. Anyone else have similar salary but with much higher credit limits from Amex or other credit card companies?
Discover has me at $33k limit after a recent increase as well but denied me about eight months ago.
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Re: Amex CLI

Discover is very unpredictable, lol! Never know where the love stops with them.
Sorry I can't help with AMEX. I found it helpful to just just list the household salary or money you have access to. That includes if you have anyone helping with finances which could be a roommate splitting rent and bills with you, so include that amount. It could give you a little extra boost if it's possible.

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Re: Amex CLI

I just had my 180-days past my first 61. Originally got the full 3x from 2k to 6k on my BCE. Tried for another 3X today, and I got the 7-10 day message. But I then noticed less than a minute later that my available credit + balance does indeed now reflect a full 3X increase to 18k. Has anyone experienced this before? Is it likely that a 4506T is still coming? If so, would I even need to fill it out and return it at this point?

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Re: Amex CLI

Amex 3x fail for me this week. I wanted to give a counterpoint to all the success stories.


Last week was 180+ days since the last increase so I thought I'd give it a try. Everyday card opened in April with $5000 limit. I went for a CLI after about 90 days. I didn't try the full 3x and asked for $12k, which was approved at that time. I had a $2500 balance on it at that time.


At the end of November I was approved for a Cash Magnet card but only for $2000, so I had a feeling I may have reached near the top of what Amex wants to give me for now.


Cash Magnet paid in full. ED card carrying a balance of $3600 (0% transfer & medical expense), paid 4- 5 times minimum each month and a payment of 10x minimum a few days before CLI attempt.


I went for $34000, not quite 3x, to avoid triggering IV. Amex countered, offering a whopping $800. I declined that offer. I got the nastygram a few days ago saying that it was declined due to balance carried and limit relative to income (~ $35k). I can't blame them on that regard. I'll try again after it's paid off in a few months.



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15% aggregate UTI, 30% on Amex ED. inquiries- 2- 6. AAoA 4.3 years. several recent new accounts. clean file, no derogs.

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Re: Amex CLI

I would like to add something else. Since I'm above $30k limit now on my Amex, will i be required to provide some type of salary verification next time I ask for an increase? I read earlier on this thread once you reach $25K credit limit you might need to verify your income.
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