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The Definitive Amex 3X CLI Guide

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Re: Weird Amex x3 CLI denial

Have you verified that the actual opening date for the account is July 27?


Anyway, there's no real reason to guess.  Go to Amex LOC Status Check and input the requested information and you should see a copy of the Notice of Adverse Action that will be mailed to you.  That notice should contain the specific reasons for the denial.  It should be noted that 61 day CLI is not automatic and it appears that a large percentage of people who request it are denied.

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Re: Weird Amex x3 CLI denial

I asked Amex a few days ago about the opening date to make sure, and they confrimed July 27th.


The CSR was able to pull out the letter on his hand and told me the reason was I basically applied too soon, which is what surprized me. I did not get any mail from amex so I don't have the PCN to check on your link...

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Re: Weird Amex x3 CLI denial

If you made an online request for the CLI, you should have received an email from Amex acknowledging the request.  The reference number in the email is the same as the PCN.

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Re: Weird Amex x3 CLI denial

Was able finally to get the PCN, says request is pending without any additional info. Probably because they transfer my request for a manual review I guess ? 

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Re: Weird Amex x3 CLI denial

Just had a CSR over the phone, said that the manual review had the same result : denied because the account was opened too early. She said to reapply in 90 days, but I read that when the denial reason was that the applicant was not yet eligible, you did not have to wait that amount of time. Should I wait for the letter or given the reason I was given over the phone should I just re-apply within a few days ?

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Re: Weird Amex x3 CLI denial

Funny it was just a few years ago when CO was handing out cards with monster CL like candy.

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Hi guys looking for some feed back . ' 

Whats safe to request with amex on EDP while having a CL of 20k . I know the 3x cl request which i did ask 6 mo ago and got but wanted to see how to stay under radar with them without any docs etc. 

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In the past $35k was considered the threshold for requiring POI. You can put in what you want and if they ask for POI, just back out and lower your number. Do this until they say OK. In the mail you’ll receive a letter regarding POI for each request that led to it - these can be ignored.

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Tell the truth on your income and request what you want

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Mine started at $20k when I got my first Amex last month. I'm honest on my income numbers but I don't really want to suppy additional information. I'm thinking about asking a CLI to $35k next year and hoping it won't raise any alarms.

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