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US Bank app site issues, but finally got through

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US Bank app site issues, but finally got through

I don't know what to think of this, it may be a bad sign or just a fluke.


The US Bank CC prequal works fine, but when we click the "Apply" button a page appears that states there are technical difficulties.  We've tried multiple times on different browsers and computers and times, but all with the same outcome.


So while on Firefox (a browser that we used once a while back), we went directly to the CC app page and finally got a successful data entry screen.  Opened a new tab within Firefox and tried the prequal route again, but the technical difficulties screen appeared again.  Closed that tab out and went back to the original tab.  We were able to get our CC app submitted this way.


We got the 7-10 notice blurb, so it wasn't an instant approval (bummer).  So we are a little concerned that the app will be denied based on the issues we were having going through the prequal route.


Anyone else experience something similar?

Also, what do we need to do to convince US Bank to dance with us?



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Re: US Bank app site issues, but finally got through

7-10 day notice is the normal routine for US Bank. They manually review the applications and you’ll most likely get word back in 2-3 business days if you follow up on the status line. You can do a search and find the number and many others with a similar experience.

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